A collection of letters home from Bill Parker



Bill Parker attended Kingham Hill School, along with his two brothers, for 10 years between 1933 and 1943. You can also read his recollections of life in Stratford House.

Below is a sample of the many 'Air Mail' Letter Cards I sent to my parents during my time in the Royal Navy in WW2. The one dated 21/12/43 was the first news I received of my brother Arthur's death a month or so earlier. No emails in those days. Arthur was at KHS with me, and my younger brother Sam, from 1933 to 1945. He worked in the carpenters' shop and in Stratford House with me up to the time he left. He left the Hill to train at a Theological College in Birkenhead and was killed in a bicycle accident in 1943.I have quite a task sorting through all the letters. Unfortunately not many pictures as cameras were strictly forbidden. As I mentioned previously I will get there. Cheers!! Wiggy.





williamhenryparkerOn behalf of his family, I regret to have to let you know, that our father, William Henry Parker (Bill), passed away on Thursday 27th November 2014 in Nambour District Hospital, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. His age was 90 years and one month.

He greatly enjoyed keeping up to date with the latest happenings at Kingham Hill and knew much about its history. He regularly communicated, by email or via Skype, with a number of his former fellow students and staff of Kingham Hill.

He made a number of valuable contributions to the KH website over the years, sharing photos and stories and posting documents, some of which reflected the poignancy of very sad moments he experienced while in the navy during World War 2, when far, far from home. For example this article > click here <.

Lilian McLean - Mrs Mac

The life of Mrs Lilian McLean as told to Sally Bullock during the year 2000

Lilian Dorothy Tapsall (known by most people as Mrs Mac or Mac) was born on 29th August 1911. She is the only child of  John Tapsall (Jack) (born 1872) and Agnes Dora nee Humphries (Dora or Doll) (born 1876) who married in 1901 &  became parents at age 40 and 36, having waited 10 years for a child. At the time they were living at 42 Laleham Rd., Catford, London SE6. Later the family moved house 2 or 3 times within the area.

Mrs Batchelor

We are sorry to report Mrs Batchelor, the house parent in Durham during the 70's and early 80's has died after falling at home.

The one and only time that I have ever been asked to write an article about a period in my past life was a couple of years ago for an ex employee organisation involved in aviation. I had ran one of the divisions of this group for 5 ½ years. The consequence of my article, which was forthright, was that the organisation shut up shop the following year - thanking me for my honesty in telling everybody what had really happened when the group in question collapsed in 1974!

So it was with some trepidation that I agreed to contribute an article for the KHSD Website.

Michael ChardMy time there was probably circa 1950, in Clyde House. My memories are largely of that home from home and its Housemaster ( HM for short ) ; Mr Bowman.


"Children in care cost the taxpayer an average of £2,500 per child, per week - more than four times what it would cost to send a child to Eton".


An article by John Timmins and David Shepherd MA

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