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Patron - Lord Andrew Adonis of Camden

Statement prior to the Annual General Meeting

KHA Reunion and AGM – 18th May 2013 at Kingham Hill School from 1pm

The KHA (formerly the Kingham Hill Old Boys Association, founded by the Founder's brother), is almost as old as the School itself. Historically we have been involved in organising events for ex-pupils and receiving and managing money donated by you, your families and friends of The Hill. Since 1986 donations have been managed by a legal charitable structure known as the Centenary Trust Fund (CTF) with the trustees appointed by the KHA Committee.

Last year the headmaster Nick Seward made the KHA Committee aware of the school's intention to begin managing all alumni communications, events and fundraising. This was described as something which should be within the remit of the school and that a new development officer would be appointed. Generally, this is becoming increasingly common across independent schools and colleges, and it does make sense in as much as more recent leavers have higher expectations of their alumni organisations, and increasingly these expectations are beyond that which can reasonably be met by a handful of volunteers in their spare time.

KHA LogoKingham Hill Association

Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

Chairman's Report, 2012

Last year I noted that it seemed to have been quieter than the previous year, rather too quiet really, due to our ongoing difficulties in finding new people for the various jobs that the late Peter Johansen used to do for us. This year has been just as quiet from an events point of view, which is regrettable, but it has been far from quiet in terms of organisational business; whilst the word "crisis" might be a bit too melodramatic, matters around the continued provision of an organisation catering for ex-pupils of Kingham Hill School have reached a difficult stage.

Mark Freeman Dep Head Boy KHS 1980Mark Freeman

1962 - 2004

Bradford House left KHS 1980

News has only just reached us that Mark Freeman died suddenly of a heart attack on March 14th 2005, at the age of just 42.

Mark was at Kingham Hill School right up until completing his A-levels (upper 6th form) in academic year 1979-1980, by which time he was deputy Head Boy, a Colour Sergeant in the CCF, Head of Bradford House and captain of the second XV rugby team.


KHA Reunion 2012 Cricket Match:

We're a few players short of a full team for the OBG (Old Boys & Girls) to play the school on KHA Reunion day, Saturday 23rd June. Anyone who is free that day, or who has already arranged to come, how about getting a little closer to that crack of willow on leather than you had previously planned, grab your whites and have a game instead of just watching?

Any takers, please contact Ed Wormington on:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and please copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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