School Days

School Days

1900 - 2006

Doris was a former staff member and Housematron of Clyde when it was the junior house, from 1935 until September 1937, when she moved down to the old Plymouth. She left the Hill in 1945. Doris died last September (2006) aged 106 at a Home in Sale, Cheshire, reports Geoff Ball, who had been in contact with her niece Audrey from time to time and is in frequent contact with Barbara Hargreaves who worked with Doris in both Clyde and Plymouth.

Leo Stanton1966 - 2007

Leo arrived at Kingham Hill School in 1978 and went into Plymouth House. In 1979 he moved to Clyde, his senior house. He went on to become Head Boy and Head of the CCF in 1984 - his A level year.



Plymouth & Bradford (1962-1966)

Ian, known to his contemporaries at school, of whom there are a number on the committee, as 'Midge' died in February 2007. He attended the majority of KHA events over the last few years. Ian was in his 50s and suffered from a weak heart.


1915 - 2008

Tom joined the hill with his brother in 1924. They had been brought in to the school by the founder, Baring Young. He loved the founder and the foundation which became the school and he spent his life supporting it in any way he could.

Read more about Tom Smart's life in the January 2008 copy of Over the Hill. - available soon


Ron Gray, who lived in Oxfordshire, was a member of Bradford House 1959 - 1962.

A short peice by Ken Wingfield in the April edition of the Over the Hill magazine says a little more about Ron Gray.

Over the Hill page 7 - will be available soon




1926 - 2008

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Mr. John Guthrie Essame who passed away in the early hours of this morning Monday 5 May 2008 at The Horton Hospital, Banbury, Oxfordshire following a period of illness. Flora his wife  (Nee  Flora Crosland -Taylor dedicated school nursing sister) was by his side at the end. John joined the teaching staff in September 1959 and remained until retiring in August 1982 after some 23 dedicated years teaching.   Read the Eulogy to John Essame.


Bradford 1939 - 1945

Bill "Willie" Strupp died at his home in Toronto on May 13th 2008 at the age of eighty.  Bill arrived at KHS in 1939, the second of seven refugees to join us from pre-war Germany. 

He was a Bradford boy who showed academic promise. He left The Hill in 1944 and, after looking into several possibilities, settled for life as a pilot in the RAF.


A well respected mathematics and science teacher at Kingham Hill School in the 1940s and 50s, David progressed to become House Master of Sheffield House.

Read more about David Gooding's life.



We are sad to report that  Gladys Lillian Knight  passed away at 7.45 am on Saturday 6 September 2008 at Castle View Old People's Home in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, aged 96 years. Mrs.Knight joined the staff as a house parent in Plymouth house in 1957 and became a second mother to a few hundred  junior boys  in the 15 year period she dedicated herself as a house mother.




Bill Gillies reported to us the sad news about his younger brother, Cyril  Gillies, who passed away on 22 January 2009  at the age of 78 years. Cyril had a heart complaint and blood platelet problems for last few years. Cyril was the youngest of the three Gillies brothers. Cyril was on the Hill in Clyde  from 1938 - 42.  (Bill 1932 - 40 & Ron 1933 - 41).




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