RAF Wattisham 1970s smallFor anyone not enrolled in the KHS CCF (RAF) Section in the 1970's, this heading will appear somewhat odd. For those who were cadets at the time, the memories (and possibly the sick bags) will now be flooding back.

RAF Little Rissington was only 10 miles from school. It was until 1977, the RAF's Central Flying School and home to the Red Arrows. As RAF cadet's, we were very fortunate to fly 2-seater, single-engine trainer planes called Chipmunks at least once a term on CCF 'Field Days'.


Climbing 1tmbAt the start of term at a boarding school it is essential to get the boys in the boarding house to gel. It often takes half a term before they are fully settled into a proper ‘team’. In the past we have had days out, trips, house singing competitions and house rugby.

Charles MeehanIt is with great sadness that I have to tell you of the peaceful passing of my father Arthur Ernest Charles Meehan on the 31st October 2011 at the age of 89.

Arthur was born on Kingham Hill on the 12th April 1922 in the bailiff's cottage. Arthur's father was Frederick Arthur Meehan who worked on the estate and was himself and Old Boy. Kingham Hill archives show that Frederick entered the School on the 30th August 1902 at the age of 9 along with his brother Ernest who was 11. Arthur's sister Esmee was also born on the estate and worked for much of her life in the school refectory.

MeteorFor those readers who have registered and become KHSD members, you will recall that the last question in our short registration questionnaire we did ask members to complete was: The most memorable event was and thanks to Stephen Greeves, now we have actually been able to put some fact to this incident and it's now much more than a school boy's tale:

Employment Sector

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Mr Iain Helstrip MIPA, MInstM, CAM Dip.

Agricultural / Forestry

Seed Merchant - Mr David Fanshawe - Hon Sheriff
Engineering - Mr Ken Wingfield MBE
Forest Manager - Mr Oliver Hands, BSc (Hons.)
Arboriculture - Mr Oliver Hands, BSc (Hons.)


Draughtsman - Mr Chris Prince BA (Hons)

Armed Forces

Army - Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.

Army - Captain John Cooke (Rtd)

Royal Air Force - Group Captain (Rtd) Tony Dee

Art and Design

Mr Gareth David Adeney MA
Mr Chris Prince BA (Hons) 


Mr Gareth David Adeney MA


PPL to ATPL and working on an airfield (ATS) - Mr Simon Howlett
Careers in Aviation - Group Captain (Rtd) Tony Dee

Business Management

Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM
Foreign Exchange - Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM
Knowledge Management - Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM
M&A Acquisition Activities - Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM
Ethics - Mr Michael Allen

Care Industry

Working with disabled people - Mr Ken Wingfield MBE

NHS - Captain John Cooke (Rtd)


Agricultural - Mr Ken Wingfield MBE
Electronic - Mr Mike Philip Kent
Project Design - Mr Mike Philip Kent
Nuclear - Mr Jon M Montgomerie IEng. MIET

Events Management

Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.

Government / Civil Service

Local Government - Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.
Local Authority & Civil Service - Captain John Cooke (Rtd)

Information Technology

Web Design and Development - Mr Simon Howlett
Computers, I.T. Recruitment, Anything I.T.- Mr John Wheatcroft (Studying for a BSc)
iPad Application Production - Mr Brian Leckey


Motorcycle Instructor - Mr Simon Howlett

Legal Profession and the Courts

Mr David Fanshawe - Hon Sheriff


Business Development Sales - Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM

Not for Profit Organisations

Group Captain (Rtd) Tony Dee

Police / Prison / Probation Services

Police Officer - Mr Colin Cumings
Prison Officer - Mr Ken Wingfield MBE
Probation Officer - Captain John Cooke (Rtd)

Purchasing, Procurment and Sourcing 

Mr Michael Allen

Security and Investigations

Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.

Starting and running your own business

Mr Simon Howlett
Mr John Wheatcroft (Studying for a BSc)
Mr Lloyd Silverthorne BA Mibs

Teaching and Lecturing

Mr Gareth David Adeney MA
Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.
Mr Chris Prince BA (Hons)

Television / Radio / Film

Producer - Mr Brian Leckey

Other Areas

Help with your C.V. and Interview Techniques, Careers Advice

Mr Simon Howlett

Mr Ken Wingfield MBE

Group Captain (Rtd) Tony Dee

Mr Chris Prince BA (Hons)

Mr Mike Philip Kent

Mr Jon M Montgomerie IEng. MIET

Living and working abroad / Working while traveling

Mr Gareth David Adeney MA

Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM

Mr Oliver Hands, BSc (Hons.)

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