Mr Basil Benson

bensonsmallMrs Judith Benson was in contact with us this afternoon. It is with the deepest of regret and with much sadness we have to inform you that Basil Benson passed away on Sunday morning the 3rd February 2013. Basil taught at KHS from 1954 -1962 and was held in the highest regard by many boys and colleagues of Kingham Hill.

For details of the memorial service please click read more.

Peter Hughes

We are saddened to learn of the recent death of Peter Hughes. Peter was at Kingham Hill from 1934 to 1938 in Clyde House. He was awarded Victor Ludorum in 1936 and went to Westminster Catering College and then into teaching.

Peter2010_smPeter Johansen Esq.

Peter Johansen died in April 2010

A huge loss to Kingham Hill. At the school from 1962 - 1969 (Plymouth and Clyde)

Peter Morris
Sheffield House
1960 - 1965

Peter_tnSad news has just reached our staff.

As reported by his brother, Peter Johansen at KHS 1962 - 1969 - Plymouth & Clyde (now Norwich) passed away on Tuesday 27th April 2010.

Picture from Facebook

Funeral Details Announced

Thursday 20th May at 14:45

West Norwood Crematorium
Norwood Road
SE27 9JU

Just in from The Quiz League of London - QLL click to read more.

Gifted and Talented


The Octagon Academic Society members of years 10 and 11 were invited to a series of lectures and a debates hosted by Julie Arliss and Dr. Peter Vardy on a Gifted and Talented Study Day in Oxford Town Hall. To begin with, Dr. Peter Vardy delivered a presentation on the Nature and Reality of Mathematics.

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