The God Particle Brain with strap2 smlA Quantum Physicist and a Vicar walk into a bar, not the beginning of a bad joke, rather the start of the marvelous one-act play, The God Particle. On Thursday evening, eager theologians and Octagon members, as well as some visitors completely filled the Hall.

Plym logo thbOn Sunday 13 January 2013, former pupils and staff returned to the Hill to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the opening of Plymouth House.

bensonsmallIt was with genuine sadness I learnt of the death of Basil.

I will attempt to say a few words of what he meant to some of us 'sports fanatics' and the influence he had in instilling in me my life long love of sport. My apologies if some facts have become a bit blurred with time.

He and Giles Heron, the new History master, arrived at KHS in 1955, Basil as Physical Education 'Specialist' and deputy Bradford Housemaster to Francis Meerendonk ( arguably the best Housemaster the Hill has ever had.)

Chris Waterman Award 2012Chris Waterman (Plymouth / Sheffield 71-75) has won an award for "outstanding contribution going beyond the call of duty during an incident" having been hailed a hero after helping to save a crew member in the North Sea.



MeteorFor those readers who have registered and become KHSD members, you will recall that the last question in our short registration questionnaire we did ask members to complete was: The most memorable event was and thanks to Stephen Greeves, now we have actually been able to put some fact to this incident and it's now much more than a school boy's tale:

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