Dear John, Thanks for your mail of 28 July 2007. I was at Kingham from 1947 to 1956, firstly at Plymouth with Reg Durrant and his wife (Ruth, if I recall correctly) and then at Durham with Tom and Minnie Worrell.

John Woollan was the Warden, as the Headmaster was called in those days. Anyone would think it was a borstal! I can't say I remember Bill Parker, unfortunately.

John Gibbons (KHS 2000-2007), in his promotional role with BMW, is tasked with the enviable job of promoting the new BMW i8 by driving it around Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire and photographing it in a variety of locations that fans of the new supercar are challenged to identify! We were delighted to welcome John to KHS earlier this week and to catch up with what he has been doing since his time on the Hill. 

Jenna and John Gibbons med

It is always good to keep in touch with Hillians. John was part of the US Pentathlon Team until very recently and is remembered for keeping his fencing coach, Mr Mulholland, very much on his toes!

John Gibbons

London 2012 Olympic Contender
Modern Pentathlon Athlete

KH logoKHA

Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

subject to ratification




Present House Year
Harriet Dearden  Chairman  
Ian Allin MBE Durham/Norwich 1935-1942
Colin Berwick Bradford 1957-1961
Simon Briggs Plymouth 1945-1955
Stewart Brindley Staff 1948-1958
Bill Collett Durham/Stratford 1931-1941
Brian Dean Sheffield 1948-1952
Iain Helstrip Durham 1961-1965
Matt Huber Norwich 1955-1961
John Hughes Plymouth/Bradford 1936-1942
Mike Kent Plymouth/Bradford 1951-1959
Neil Lakeman Plymouth/Norwich 1956-1962
Bill Mayes Sheffield 1945-1951
Tony Middleton Plymouth/Greenwich 1963-1968
Andrew Morrison Clyde 1962-1969
Leo Smith Clyde 1943-1951
Keith Targett Plymouth/Clyde 1961-1969
John Timmins Sheffield 1957-1962
Ken Wingfield MBE Plymouth/Norwich 1958-1962
Eddie White Durham 1942-1950
In Attendance    
Nick Seward    
Brenda Brindley    
Julie Middleton    

KHA LogoThe KHA are delighted to announce the 2014 200 Club winners drawn at the AGM on the 26th April.

  • 1st prize Eddie White £48
  • 2nd prize Brian Dean £36
  • 3rd prize John Hughes£24
  • 4th prize Stewart Brindley £12

KHA LogoKingham Hill Association AGM

Patron Lord Adonis of Camdon

Minutes of the KHA AGM

Held 18th May 2013 KHS Lecture Theatre 2-30 PM


The 124th AGM of Ex-pupils organisations of KHS originated by the Founder's brother.

23 June 2012. Venue: KHS lecture Theatre.

Committee members present:

Nick Seward (Headmaster, invited), Kenny Winfield (Events), Leo Smith, Brian Dean, Mike Kent (Treasurer), Eddie White, John Hughes, Mike Tadman, Iain Helstrip (Secretary), Simon Briggs (Memorabilia), Simon Howlett (KHSD, Chair stand in).

Minutes of KHA committee meeting

28 January 2012. Venue KHA centre – KHS

Those present:- Nick Seward (part time), Jon Montgomerie, Kenny Winfield, Tony Middleton, Leo Smith, Brian Dean, Mike Kent, Eddie White, John Hughes, John Timmins, Bryan Shaw, Mike Tadman, Iain Helstrip.

Apologies for absence:- S. Briggs R. Hughes

Circulation: KHSD web site those present and James Woolliams, Simon Howlett, Amanda Kaye, Jo Cavan & Mr. K. Targett

Address by Peter Wynne-James

at St Nicholas Church, Lower Oddington,

Friday 16 th May 2008

In memory of John Guthrie Essame

1926 - 2008

'Benevolence is like sound health, the full value of it seldom known until it is lost'.

Our loss today is John Essame whose life which was largely devoted to the benefit of others, sadly came to an end on 6 th May at Horton Hospital in Banbury at the age of 81.

As we are gathered here today we can do two things - we can remember together and we can thank God together.

In remembering John our many different recollections are likened to the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which, as they come together, form a total picture of his life. In completing John's jigsaw I am indebted to Paul Harvey (a life long friend of John), Jim Woolliams, Housemaster of Kingham Hill School, and the Old Boys.

John Essame at Kingham Hill School

We have this evening received the following news from Simon Briggs, KH Committee member.

I am sure you will join with us on the School Days team in offering our sincere condolences to Simon and his family and reflect on the sad loss of John from our community.

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