After a 2 day exhaustive inspection by 3 inspectors of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) we are delighted to have met all their expectations at the National Level with just 2 minor recommendations made.

Durham House Singing smlFor the last four weeks, the Hill has been filled with the sound of 80s music as the houses rehearsed for this year's House Singing competition. The theme this year was 80s film music and each house picked their favourite song from the era in preparation for the competition on Saturday 12 October.

rugby thmThe headline is a quote from a number of the rugby coaching staff as they watched the Sheffield senior team win the coveted inter-house rugby trophy for this year. The boys had spent many practice sessions reminding themselves of the tactical differences between Sevens and the 15 man game they had been playing all term.

At the Foundation Art Academy, Drapanos, Crete, Greece. Gareth D Adeney MA (Kingham Hill O/B 1978 – 1983) has established a course designed for undergraduate art students, potential Foundation Course art students, gap-year students and adults ( perhaps on sabbatical ) seeking the opportunity to create artwork / release artistic potential under guidance and direction.

In the sublime location of ancient olive groves, is an inspiring example of sustainable principles in practice – the Eco Sustainability Academy building that houses the art studio facility the students enjoy. This makes it the perfect setting for quiet reflection on the creative process and amassing works.

Group Rohilla_Day_2012_smThe forecast for the day was 'cloudy but dry', and when John, Eileen and I arrived at KHS about 9.50, it certainly was that. John and I went up to our archive room where we met James and Margaret Woolliams, Alex and Katrina Mathers, Simon Briggs and John Hughes. Tony and Julie soon joined us.

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