Address by Peter Wynne-James

at St Nicholas Church, Lower Oddington,

Friday 16 th May 2008

In memory of John Guthrie Essame

1926 - 2008

'Benevolence is like sound health, the full value of it seldom known until it is lost'.

Our loss today is John Essame whose life which was largely devoted to the benefit of others, sadly came to an end on 6 th May at Horton Hospital in Banbury at the age of 81.

As we are gathered here today we can do two things - we can remember together and we can thank God together.

In remembering John our many different recollections are likened to the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which, as they come together, form a total picture of his life. In completing John's jigsaw I am indebted to Paul Harvey (a life long friend of John), Jim Woolliams, Housemaster of Kingham Hill School, and the Old Boys.

John Essame at Kingham Hill School


1926 - 2008

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Mr. John Guthrie Essame who passed away in the early hours of this morning Monday 5 May 2008 at The Horton Hospital, Banbury, Oxfordshire following a period of illness. Flora his wife  (Nee  Flora Crosland -Taylor dedicated school nursing sister) was by his side at the end. John joined the teaching staff in September 1959 and remained until retiring in August 1982 after some 23 dedicated years teaching.   Read the Eulogy to John Essame.


John Essame

1957 - 1982


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