Durham House Singing smlFor the last four weeks, the Hill has been filled with the sound of 80s music as the houses rehearsed for this year's House Singing competition. The theme this year was 80s film music and each house picked their favourite song from the era in preparation for the competition on Saturday 12 October.

Russian thbOn Sunday 5 May 2013 at 7:30 pm, Kingham Hill School will welcome the Hermitage Ensemble from St Petersburg for a magnificent evening of Russian music. This is the second visit by the choir, whose first performance at Kingham Hill in 2012 attracted music lovers from across the region.

KHS Choir


KHS Choir 1957

Choir master Mr. Stewart Brindley.


KHS Choir 1959

Choir master Mr David Wetherill.


KHS Choir 1963

Choir master Mr David Wetherill.


bensonsmallIt was with genuine sadness I learnt of the death of Basil.

I will attempt to say a few words of what he meant to some of us 'sports fanatics' and the influence he had in instilling in me my life long love of sport. My apologies if some facts have become a bit blurred with time.

He and Giles Heron, the new History master, arrived at KHS in 1955, Basil as Physical Education 'Specialist' and deputy Bradford Housemaster to Francis Meerendonk ( arguably the best Housemaster the Hill has ever had.)

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