KHSD pic 1On Sunday 9th September we opened our third girls' boarding house. With more pupils at Kingham Hill at the start of this school year than at the end of the last, and with the percentage of girls at the school now 40%, more beds needed to be found.

KH AGM 2015

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Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of Kingham Hillians will be held in the Veritas Building at Kingham Hill School, Kingham, Chipping Norton at 11:45am on Saturday 6 June 2015 to transact the following business.


Mark Freeman

Mark Freeman Dep Head Boy KHS 1980Mark Freeman

1962 - 2004

Bradford House left KHS 1980

News has only just reached us that Mark Freeman died suddenly of a heart attack on March 14th 2005, at the age of just 42.

Mark was at Kingham Hill School right up until completing his A-levels (upper 6th form) in academic year 1979-1980, by which time he was deputy Head Boy, a Colour Sergeant in the CCF, Head of Bradford House and captain of the second XV rugby team.


War BabyThe autobiography of a Kingham Hill School boy: John Timmins, Sheffield House 1957-1962.

War Baby: The true story of a search for identity by a boy adopted in the confusion of World War II

Brief Description: John Timmins has led an extraordinary life, from being given up for adoption at just six months old at the end of World War II and orphaned at a young age, through time spent travelling and working abroad, several troubled marriages and many different careers. The one thing that has dominated his life above all else is his quest to find his true identity.

UPDATED - new downloads types available!

News just in,

Andrew Knowles (Sheffield 1977-1983) has been selected as an official BT Storyteller for London 2012

More on this story as we get it.

The link to Andrew's page was broken, we have fixed this now!

To read Andrew's blog, twitter and for his own website please click here

Chris Baker, protégée of David Carpanini and on the Hill I suppose in the early 70s is in the new film Archipelago, being released this coming Friday and already featuring in publicity. If you’re a Sunday Times man you’ll find the advert on I think page 4 of the Culture section but I suspect the same picture appears in all the Sunday broadsheets.   You’ll see his name on the cast list and he is the man in the background to the right of the picture.  Apparently he plays himself, ie an artist.

Former Kingham student John Targett ( P & D 62 – 67 ) has appeared in a number of newspaper, radio and TV interviews during January. Channel 5 and the BBC have broadcast items on John and his selfless act in donating 20% of his liver to his grandson Owen, thus saving his life.

Rags to Riches & Bungles

K M Wingfield MBE

From Birmingham's Selly Oak, where life was tough, to Kingham Hill School and then 31 years as a prison officer - this is Ken Wingfield's story.

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