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After almost a year of frequent debate, planning and re-designing the new School Days website is here. We hope you are delighted with the result as much as we are but we are still working for perfection.

One of the many new features we are particularly keen to draw your attention to is the Social link. This is truly unique and a long way ahead of any other alumni website that we know of. It works much like Facebook but without all the advertising baggage and has been designed with the structure of the School in mind so there are House and Specific Groups you can join, there are Events and a profile you can edit with your KHS details so your friends can find and make contact with you. We've even included the option of Registering and Logging in with your Facebook credentials.

There is quite a lot still to do, many new articles to publish that have been on hold and with all the great feedback we've had there are a number of ideas we are looking at to make this the very best place for our community. 

We look forward to hearing your feedback!



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