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The team here at School Dyays are delighted to be able to let you know our website is now on a brand new dedicated web server with more than double the power and resources of our last 'home on the web'.

For those who are interested in knowing more read on...

Firstly I'd like to pass on to you all our warm thanks for all your feedback both during the re-design, pre-release and in these early days after the new website has gone live. Thank you also for your offers of help and the numbers of people visiting - the site delivered 5,000 pages to over 1,000 unique visitors in the last 5 days alone <wow!> Keep it coming everyone!


KHS logo with DWith the new Social area feature we are looking for people to look after House Groups as group administrators. This is not technically challenging the role just needs someone who would like to be a helping hand and a friendly 'voice' in the on-line House they used to be in at KHS. If you visit the website regularly then you'll be perfect to create a such warmth. 

We would like to find one or more proof reader(s) to check content and correct as needed, full explanation and support provided.

If someone is out there with a working knowledge of Joomla 3.x back-end we would encourage you to get in touch. This will be a support role to the SA. Minimal time up to as much as you want to do. Some initial learning with full guidance and potentially small project based if someone has software / application development skills.

There is a need for an effective and diplomatic negotiator perhaps with marketing skills to raise a relatively small amount of operating funds for the website. This could be a mix of donations, sponsorship or the creation of a selection of retail items unique to School Days.

None of these roles will take a huge amount of time and you'll be fully supported as part of a larger team.

Please use the contact link on the main menu to indicate your area of interest.


The School Days Team

Welcome Article

After almost a year of frequent debate, planning and re-designing the new School Days website is here. We hope you are delighted with the result as much as we are but we are still working for perfection.

One of the many new features we are particularly keen to draw your attention to is the Social link. This is truly unique and a long way ahead of any other alumni website that we know of. It works much like Facebook but without all the advertising baggage and has been designed with the structure of the School in mind so there are House and Specific Groups you can join, there are Events and a profile you can edit with your KHS details so your friends can find and make contact with you. We've even included the option of Registering and Logging in with your Facebook credentials.

There is quite a lot still to do, many new articles to publish that have been on hold and with all the great feedback we've had there are a number of ideas we are looking at to make this the very best place for our community. 

We look forward to hearing your feedback!



Jesus Follow Me SmallThe extra effort needed in the digital age we live in.

What do you think Jesus would Tweet to his folllowers if he were here today?

Comments have been turned on.

After school for one hour on Mondays and'or on Thursdays only.

The actual polytunnel was set up by the orginal group of Eco Warrior's and it has been producing vegetables since June 2010. This year (2011-2012) our volunteers have now started to develope this outside area adjacent to the polytunnel that is known as Area 51.

Spring becomes SummTunnel_Speechday_Smaller 2010

It was in the spring of this year, 2010 that my research took me to a college and a commercial enterprise who use Polytunnels as both teaching and commercial ventures. I did this to find out just what would be the best set up to suit the schools needs.



In the 1980s the school trustees decided to sell off the Kingham Hill School farm and gardens. For the previous ninety-four years the school had been self-sufficient.

In 2006 the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) launched their Sustainable Schools Framework. The then Secretary of State for Education set out the challenging long-term aspirations: for schools to mainstream learning about sustainable development issues and sustainable practices into everyday school life.

Annual Report to the KHA AGM 2012

1st of June 2011 to 23st June 2012

Kingham Hill School Days (KHSD) is the KHS alumni website run by an independent team made up of individuals who were at KHS, all with varied skills who organise multiple types of material to be published online as well as reunions and other events.

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