Mr Jon M Montgomerie IEng. MIET


Main areas of experience


Position(s) attained

House: Plymouth and Bradford

At KHS: 1973 - 1979

Engineering Development (nuclear)

31 Years

Technical Manager

Will advise and answer questions on


Writing your CV

Working in the Nuclear industry

Interviewing and Presentations



I served a 4-year Engineering Apprenticeship at the Atomic Energy Authority Apprentice Training School, Risley (1980-1984), then went on to be a design draughtsman in the Remote Handling Section at BNFL.

I got promoted through Senior Draughtsman to Engineer, managing development projects in Remote Handling and Robotics. I moved to AEA Technology in 1996, working as a Sales Manager until moving on to the National Nuclear Corporation in 1999, which was subsequently bought by AMEC.

I'm currently Technical Manager for Development & Remote Engineering at AMEC Nuclear (Risley); D&RE is a department of around 75 engineers, scientists and technicians, doing Engineering Development and Remote Operations work for external clients in the nuclear and other industries, as well as for internal AMEC clients. 


Special Project or Interesting Work

Read the above and guess!!

Predictably, the most interesting projects are stuff i can't say much about, although one fun thing was coming up with three robots to go into Chernobyl NPP - no, not Unit 4 (the one that went bang!) but its nextdoor neighbour, Unit 3. 

Outside of work, i have always been obsessed with motorcycles, particularly classic American bikes, and aside from commuting on them year-round, i like to tinker with them in the workshop i have alongside my house.

I was also a semi-pro musician for a good few years, though i haven't done much of that for a long time now.

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