Mike Kent

Main areas of experience


Position(s) attained

House: Plymouth and Bradford

At KHS: 1951 - 1959

Electronic Engineering. Design.


35 Years

5 Years

Project Manager

Production Manager

Will advise and answer questions on


Writting your CV & CV Review

Interview techniques

Advice on looking for jobs / work experience

D.I.Y - the do's and don'ts


Left KHS with 5 'O' Levels. Joined small electronics company as trainee for three years. Did night school and day release. Left and worked self-employed for Decca Radar Ltd. After four years was offered permanent job of Production Test Manager for the Electronic Warfare Division.

After five years left to start up an electronics division in an engineering manufacturing company, very successful.

After another five years re-joined Decca ( now Racal Defence ) as Senior Design Engineer and Project Manager for the Polaris EW Systems.

Over the years finally made Senior Principle Des. Eng. and Project Manager resposible for post design, 'special' fits, installation etc for most of the EW Systems fitted in the UK Royal Navy on Trident, all Nuclear Subs, Frigates etc.

Retired in 2003, did the usual World trips, now involved with KHA as Treasurer, Archivist and on careers. 

My wife and I have two adult children who have both had university education and hold down responsible jobs.


Special Project or Interesting Work

Many projects undertaken over the years!

Totally rebuilt our 400 year old cottage, doing my own plans, bricklaying, plumbing, electrics, plastering, woodwork etc whilst doing a full time job, it took five years. My wife insists it will never be finished though!

Have also made various motorcycle specials over the years such as Triumph / Nortons, the best being a Norimp. ( Hillman Imp engine in a Norton frame) doing all my own machining, welding etc obviously.

There have been too many work related projects to name but the three weeks in the Falklands is something never to be forgotten.

For the past year I have been helping as careers coach on CVs, interviews etc with the m3jobclub in Basingstoke for out of work people who are trying to get back into work.

Also of course with KHS where the KHA careers team feel we can make a real difference.

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