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News from John Glover down under

Dear John, Thanks for your mail of 28 July 2007. I was at Kingham from 1947 to 1956, firstly at Plymouth with Reg Durrant and his wife (Ruth, if I recall correctly) and then at Durham with Tom and Minnie Worrell.

John Woollan was the Warden, as the Headmaster was called in those days. Anyone would think it was a borstal! I can't say I remember Bill Parker, unfortunately.

gloverJohn and his wife Elizabeth. Married in 1964, they now have two sons and five grand children.

Of course in those days there were no girls in sight and soccer was not a school sport. We did have great Rugby and Cricket teams, and swimming was a very low key sport. When Basil Benson joined the school he introduced Basketball and he managed to persuade Teddie Cooper, who was Head by then, that it would be in the interest of the school for some of us to see the Harlem Globetrotters who were appearing at Wembley! Oh happy days!

I see your were at Sheffield House. When I was in senior school, the Housemaster at Sheffield was Phelps followed by Gooding. Merrendonk, who features on your web site, was of course at Bradford, and Bowman at Clyde. Wilkinson was a splendid chaplain and Stewart Brindley was a terrific music teacher. I would say that, of all the many influences on my life, during my mostly happy and fulfilling schooldays at Kingham Hill, Stewart Brindley was up there with the best for opening up the whole wonderful world of music and not just serious music. I played the double bass in a band comprising Brindley (piano), Curl ( The Phys-Ed teacher on cornet) and Woollen (drums) at a couple of old boys functions. Happy days indeed.

With regards to life in Oz, I have lived here since 1962 and seen it grow into a country of some significance and not just in the sporting arena. We are very sympathetic to the dreadful time with flooding you are experiencing (and not all that far from the School apparently) because we get our fair share of flooding (and bush fires and tornados! )in this country. We are expecting a federal election in October and the polls are predicting a change of government. I'm not so sure! Meanwhile, the State of Western Australia is powering ahead, largely due to the mineral boom. Congratulations once again on your great effort in keeping the spirit of Kingham Hill alive.


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