Godfrey Nicholson sheds light on our mystery photo 002

godfreyI can offer help over the photo of Teddie Cooper. [Shown on our Contacts page. Ed.] It shows the prefects of his final year as Warden, and thus must have been taken in the summer of 1977. Back row L-R: Geoffrey Davis (Norwich), Ian Black (Bradford), Ossie (Osmond) Stuart (Durham), Graham Reed (Greenwich), Nick Holmes (Durham). Front Row: David Nock (Norwich - Head Boy), Teddie Cooper, David Walsh (Clyde).

Not too long after this photo, Ossie Stuart suffered a broken neck in the gym while doing a simple exercise. It has left him paralysed, but did not prevent him from completing his university studies. David Walsh went to Warwick University and has since worked as a Government Adviser. Can't help you over the others!

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