The God Particle


The God Particle Brain with strap2 smlA Quantum Physicist and a Vicar walk into a bar, not the beginning of a bad joke, rather the start of the marvelous one-act play, The God Particle. On Thursday evening, eager theologians and Octagon members, as well as some visitors completely filled the Hall.

The cast consisted of two superb actors whose affinity on stage was remarkable. The fast paced scene change, crosscutting and flashbacks meant the audience were constantly on edge. The anticipation for understanding the situation and solving the mystery left people focused till the very end. Leaving the audience with some interesting one liners such as “Your made in the very image of God-We all are, from the most beautiful to the foulest, vilest most degrading…”

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Throughout the excellent production many thought provoking topics were raised, such as when the Physicist used her science to support her claims on atheism, which were then challenged by the Vicar. Overall the play aims to persuade us that science and religion are unnatural enemies, and conflict between the two groups unnecessary. It also discussed how some people are close-minded regarding faith, and left us questioning what truth itself is based on. On the whole The God Particle was entertaining and enjoyable, leaving the audience with some deeper topics to contemplate and explore.


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