Faustus by the Saltmine Theatre Company


On Thursday the 30th of September, the Saltmine theatre company, a touring professional company who travel England performing, visited Kingham hill school. The play they performed was “Faustus” by Christopher Marlow.

The story is about a man, Faustus, who is so obsessed by the desire for money and power that he sells his soul to the devil. His wish is granted, but at a terrible cost, as he is unable to repent and results in being dragged to hell.


Satan grants Faustus a demon which will do anything he desires - this demon is called Mestophales.

The original play was written about 400 years ago by Christopher Marlow, a man who wrote at about the same time as Shakespeare. Obviously, the original was in old English, but the Saltmine Theatre Company have cleverly adapted it to a modern day setting, while still keeping some of the original monologues. In this Modern day setting, two school children break into a seemingly abandoned house and start messing around with an Ouija board and an old spell book. Suddenly Faustus appears and after a little persuasion tells them about his life. Then he tells the children to hide as the demons come for him and he is dragged to hell.

The play was excellent, short enough to hold the audience spellbound but long enough to develop a plot (and let all the attending students get out of prep!). Despite the fact that there were only 4 actors and actresses, there were about 10 parts and all of the actors and actresses (except Faustus) doubled up. I would definitely recommend this play to other people, as it is both good entertainment and also deeply disturbing and challenging. If you ever get the chance to see it, I would suggest that you do as it is well worth your time.

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