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Minutes of the meeting of the Kingham Hillians' Committee held on Saturday 27 September 2014 in the Archive Room.

Before the meeting started, Harriet introduced Jennifer Robinson (Jenna) who is dealing with the work in the Development Office whilst Harriet is on maternity leave, from October 2014 until June 2015. Chris Aston, newly appointed Housemaster of Norwich, stopped by before the meeting to introduce himself to the committee. He will be in charge of co-ordinating the Rugby fitness and liaising with the Wasps R.F.C. who are helping with coaching this season. Chris spoke to the Committee and stated he had been given a warm welcome into the school and looked forward to building up the Rugby team's confidence in the coming season with some hard fixtures ahead.

Present: Harriet Dearden (Chairman), Brian Dean, Mike Kent, John Hughes, Simon Briggs, Leo Smith, Eddie White, Ken Wingfield.

In attendance: Andrew Evans (Deputy Headmaster), Jennifer Robinson.


1. Apologies : Jon Mongommerie, Simon Howlett, R.C.Hughes, Nick Seward.

2. Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 5 June 2014
These were approved as an accurate record of the meeting.

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes:

a. Kingham Church Plaque.
MK and HD reported that the Committee needed to look at the type of plaque and costs involved, as Kingham Church had agreed with the idea, but the plaque would have to be in stone within keeping of the Church.
It was decided MK would collate costs for a plaque in the Chapel, but that a more comprehensive wood design will also be looked at for the School Chapel.

Action: Once MK and HD have established a correct list of names and details MK will get a stone mason quote. HD will ask the School woodwork instructor Doug Ainsley to quote the cost of a wooden board for the School Chapel, similar to the ones done in the School hall.

4. Deputy Headmaster.
Andrew Evans said he was pleased to be able to fill in for the headmaster who had a family commitment.
AE reported that the school number stood at 285 pupils and with the open day in October KHS would be likely to reach just under the 300 mark.
AE stated that boarding house sizes were around 35 pupils but with the day pupil numbers growing they had re-arranged the boy's day house to split into a junior house, Clyde, and a senior house, Havelock.

Senior boys- Bradford, Sheffield, Norwich
Senior girls- Durham, Severn
Junior boys- Plymouth
Junior Girls- Greenwich
Senior boys- Havelock
Junior boys- Clyde
Senior and junior girls- Latimer

EW asked about the breakdown of recruiting for the future.
AE replied there was a lot of interested enquiries in year 7 to 9 year age groups and the present plan would be to go to 302-305 pupils with the longer strategy for the 2020 Vision to accommodate 400, depending on houses developments. The breakdown of numbers was currently 180 boarders and 105 day pupils.
HD stated that an updated map of house accommodation would be published once the current 2020 building work of the new mathematics and science building and library refurbishments are completed.
BD asked about the housing details of day pupils, and their daily routine.
AE replied when the present alterations to Top School are completed the School will make use of the old maths block and this will enable prep areas and shower facilities to be improved for the increasing numbers of day pupils.
AE stated that one of the new initiatives to encourage handwriting skills has been to issue all year 7s with a fountain pen.
He also thanked the Committee for supporting two pupils last year enabling them to have a laptop for studies and attend summer camp.
With no further questions the deputy headmaster was thanked for his report and attendance. AE left the meeting at this point.

5. Communications
HD reported that 1000 booklets had been sent out to the Alumni with details of events for the next twelve months. KW stated that the Committee were impressed with the work done by Harriet and the School in producing good clear information in a professional manner.
BD asked for some feedback on the postal survey sent to the Alumni for those who still wanted contact from the school by post. HD replied saying sixteen had replied with 8 still wanted to be contacted by post. The Cairn and Annual Fund are due to be sent out in the next couple weeks.

6. Chairperson.
HD informed the Committee that Jenna Robinson had started her role as the maternity cover Development Officer. This will continue until HD's return in June 2015.
HD handed out the newly designed Legacy booklet to the Committee which will be available to those who might wish to leave a legacy to the School. She also said that EW and LS had been formulating a letter to former Head Boys and Girls to recruit some as new members for Kingham Hillians Committee.
Action: The letter will be sent out in the next couple weeks and those who are interested will make contact with the Development Office through JR.

BD asked if the letters going to former Heads of School be divided into decades. HD replied at present the letter is going to all.
HD finished her report stating there had been a BBQ for six form leavers which was a success.

7. Treasurer.
MK told the committee of recent events with the accounts held at Nat West Bank. Several years ago MK went to a lot time changing names and IDs of signatories on the CT Fund. Nat West had no trace of the changes and apologised and awarded £150 plus £45 for travel and fuel which have been paid into the C T Fund.
SB wanted a huge thanks to MK to be recorded, for the many hours he took in ensuring records were correct.
MK stated the committee are currently supporting six pupils on bursaries and that they can continue to be supported throughout their time at KHS.
EW pointed out to the committee that on the treasurer's report we take the lower value of assets. [See appendix 1 Treasurer's report.]
MK stated after allowing for committed costs for the six part-supported pupils (approximately £10k per temr) there was a small surplus in the Ruffers investment fund. This would be kept for emergencies. MK asked if it would be wise to draw two term's worth of money from the investment account in one lump sum. EW said that this would a good idea to save work and delays.
HD said that the new Legacy brochure makes it clear that money can still be donated to the bursary fund.
MK finished his report by saying everything was up to date with the Charity Commission in terms of the facts of the charity status and accounts.

8. School-Days.
HD said she had not heard anything from Simon Howlett. However after this meeting KW received an email that SH had saying he might not make the meeting on 27 September. This information did not arrive till late Friday night so it missed the meeting. KW added SH to list of Apologies.
The next Newsletter for this term will direct any contributions to be sent to JR at the KHS Development Office.

9. Archives
There has been no contact with Tony Middleton since the last meeting. However HD said he was to be thanked for a lot of unsung work that he had done over the last year with the social history in the archives.
JR had also done some research from the School archive from the First World War and it was going to be put on display for the Rohilla Day Reunion on Sunday 28 November.
MK asked had there been any family enquires to the development office about relatives who had been pupils at KHS. JR replied, there had been several over the last few months and the research had been very interesting.

10. Events
KW thanked Harriet for the work done in designing and sending out the booklet of events for the year 2014/15. It was clear and easy to read.

KW said that the Committee were all looking forward to the historic event of the opening of the new Mathematics and Science Building. The project is currently running on time and within the budget.

HD told the Committee about a possible planned visit to the RAF Fareford display event. Further details will be published in the next few months.

EW asked HD if another careers event was being organised as he thought the event in the School hall some time ago was very good for the pupils. They met various firms and Hillians who were in business. HD replied there were two events with the Law and Medical sectors last year and an Engineering one is planned for this year. The evenings had been successful. However she would take EW's comments for future plans into consideration for upcoming careers days. MK added that one important factor was that a lot of those who MK had got together were Kingham Hillians in the business sector and could advise pupils on their CVs.

11. A.O.B.
• HD asked the committee about the new colours on the badge Logo and why the badge had uneven sides. JH stated Reg Durrent, former art master, and the Rev Horsefield, former Headmaster, designed the badge a long time ago. The committee did not mind the new colours but felt the shape of the badge itself should not be changed.

• MK said the development office should look at the Founder's books on trades, which would be of interest to pupils on careers information.

12. Date of next meetings: Saturday 24 January2015, Saturday 21 march 2015

The meeting closed at 12.15pm


Minutes prepared by Ken Wingfield MBE



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