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Patron Lord Adonis of Camdon

Minutes of the KHA AGM

Held 18th May 2013 KHS Lecture Theatre 2-30 PM



Jon Montgommerie Chairman

Simon Howlett Vice Chairman

Mike Kent Treasurer

Ken Wingfield Sec


John Hughes Committee

Brian Dean Committee
Simon Briggs Committee
Leo Smith Committee
Keith Targett Clyde 61-69 [Governors board]
David Nock Norwich 70-77
Matt Huber Norwich 55-61
Phillip Hildesly Sheffield 54-62
John Timmins Sheffield 57-62
Neill Lakeman Norwich 57-62
Andrew Worslely Clyde 55-61
Bill Collett Sheffield 31-41
Tony Middleton Greenwich 64-67
Reginald Ayers
James Montgomerie Norwich 2006 -2008
Nick Seward Headmaster ----- joined meeting 15-50hrs
Harriet Atkinson Development Office------ joined meeting 15-50hrs

Judith Montgomerie
Mike Bromley
Barbara Ayers

The Chairman Monty welcomed everyone who had made the effort to attend the 2013 AGM.
He said it was important that the KHA played a part in the support of the school and that his statement on schooldays was for the future development of all who had interests in Kingham-Hill School to work together and be a part of the success of the school.

1. Apologies:
Robert Latham; John Aytor ; Eddie White ; David Ware ; Brian Shaw ; James Woolliams
Bob Hughes ; Iain Helstrip . Nick Shattock

2. Approval of the 2012 AGM Minutes.
Accepted; proposed -- John Hughes. Seconded - Simon Howlett. No other comment

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes.
Ken Wingfield Sec, stated that the criteria of who are eligible to be KHA members had been discussed under number [ 3 ] of last years AGM, but that the committee needed to seek clarification from the forum as the question had occurred on several KHA Meetings during 2013.
Monty the chairman explained what discussion had taken place and that the views of the meeting will be taken and the committee will report back on the criteria for membership.
John Timmins stated that we should have the original laid down legally in our constitution. Monty replied we will look at that and report back to the membership present.

4. Treasurers Report [ Appendix 1]
Mike Kent said the finance report was in two parts as shown in [Appendix 1] see attached.
The first report sheet number [19 ] was for the period from Jan 2012 to Dec 2012.
The second report sheet number [ 20 ] was for the period from Jan 2013 to the AGM Date May 18th 2013.
Mike stated that our assests held in Ruffers' Investments London whilst being shown
Appx £180-000+ in 2012; it now stood at £205-000 in market value in May 2013. He also said that every penny had been accounted for in his reports too date.
Mike said the KHA committee do not claim any expenses; and that they do every journey and gives their own time voluntarily at no costs to the fund.
The treasurer asked if anyone can give a monthly donation to the CTF Centenary Fund all those monies go to funding KHA Bursaries.
The forum was asked were there any further questions about the reports given to the meeting.
Matt Huber asked why do we pay the school for food and drink when we have the KHA Quarterly meetings and reunions.
Mike Kent said sadly we had a bill for some food and VAT had been added, so now we the KHA members arrange to organise our own, or do a small charge like today.
David Nock asked about the Gift Aid procedure, Mike explain the figures on his reports and stated he would like to see a lot more donations as we do claim gift aid on all standing orders or gifts if those people sign the gift aid section.
Bill Collett one of our longest serving members [ Sheffield 31-41 ] and still going strong ! !Proposed a vote of thanks to Mike Kent for his excellent work as Treasurer, this was seconded by Simon Briggs.
The Chairman asked the forum to vote on the accounts these were accepted in unanimous show of hands by all with no other comments.
Monty thanked Mike Kent for all the work he had done for the KHA accounts and legal requirements to the Charity Commission.

5. Chairman's Report [ see Appendix 2 ]
Monty stated he had put his report and statement on the School-Days web site. David Nock asked if he could read it to the forum for those attending who had no access to a computer [ see attached Monty's statement Appendix 2 ]
Monty said he had various comments of a positive nature from John King; Nigel Jackson and former headmaster Michael Payne. However Tim Lofts now living New Zealand seemed dismayed by it all.
The chairman stated there were a couple of issues he wanted to mention to the forum
1.--Membership Criteria who actually can become eligible?
2.--Subscriptions should KHA members pay a monthly -/- yearly membership fee be reinstated?.
He wanted the membership to think about these two areas and it was decided to discuss later in the meeting. Monty went on to say that last year his post of Chairman had been extended to a fourth year as no proposal had been forwarded for the Chairs' position.
This led to the next item on the Agenda Election of officers and committee.
Monty said he had been in discussions with Simon Howlett , who was willing to be proposed for the post of Chairman.
Monty finished his report by saying he had invited David Nock to the meeting with the view to also propose him to the forum for the vacant post of Vice Chairman now Simon had agreed to be chairman if voted in by the meeting.
All the meeting thanked Monty for his work as chairman over the last four years.

6. Election of Officers and Committee 2013-2014.
Chairman – 1. proposed Simon Briggs–Simon Howlett Seconded Monty—vote; all in favour, none- against; no other comments
Vice –Chairman—I . proposed Monty -- David Nock Seconded Ken Wingfield -vote all in favour-- none against, no other comments.
David Nock was invited to talk a little about himself to the meeting; he said he was at Kingham Hill School 1970-77.
He was head-boy, and always thought of coming back and help on the committee. It was now he can give some time back in helping both the KHA and the school.
He said the future looks promising and positive, giving pupils the basis to succeed in their lives.

Treasurer. Mike Kent was thanked for his very detailed reports, and was asked would he stand again; he agreed Proposed by Simon Briggs Seconded by John Hughes, there was a unanimous vote by the forum, with no other comment
It was then Mike Kent said in the absence of Eddie White [committee] who was not too well that Eddie would stand again this year. We wish Eddie a speedy recovery
Each of the present committee Leo Smith; John Hughes; Simon Briggs; Ken Wingfield, and Brian Dean stated they were willing to stand again and were voted in with no other comments.
John Timmins proposed the present committee and was seconded by Matt Huber.
Legal Adviser : Mike Kent spoke a little about David Ware an old Kingham Hill School
Pupil, who has been the KHA Solicitor for many years. He thanked David for the free time he had given to the KHA legal matters.
Mike Kent Proposed David for the post of legal advisor for 2013/14, seconded by Ken Wingfield, the vote was unanimous with no other comment.
Ken Wingfield KHA Sec said he would send David copies of these years' meetings and the AGM minutes once checked by the chairman.

7. Headmaster's Report.
The reverend Nick Seward joined the meeting at 15-45hrs he said the open day and choir competition had been a keenly contested and that day had been a success. He apologised for his delay in getting to the AGM.
Nick said the school is entering an exciting time; the development officer Harriet had worked hard and the plans for the first phase of the new science and maths building was going to be started in the next year and that the plans were displayed in the top school hall.
In these difficult economic times KHS had 282 pupils and whilst other local independent schools were 20% down on pupils Kingham Hill remained strong and positive about growth in the coming year. The school's target was to achieve 300 by 2014.
After 5years new buildings are becoming a reality, this is good for the school and gives a boost and momentum to the both the pupils and staff.
I came here because of the Christen ethics of the school and we have finally had a break through in Local Education Authorities [ LEA ] sending and selecting Kingham Hill school as a choice for families who through various problems ,have been referred for help with their children
The school is one of twelve selected by the ' Buttle' Trust in a pilot scheme with primary school heads and Kingham Hill school has been the first to have a child placed directly on recommendation from an area in London
The headmaster Nick said he had met Lord Adnois in London. They spoke about local Academies in London and their regimes taking in boarders for the first time.
The same idea the KHS founder had all those years ago taking children out of poor situations in their communities and giving them a structured secure opportunity to develop.
Kingham - Hill school is in a lot stronger position to help and is what the founder Charles Baring Young would be so pleased about.
Nick praised Harriet the new development officer for all hard work in liaising with all the different agencies, and bringing people together with their viewpoints in a recent survey done.
One suggestion was to rename the sports fields after those who had given so mush to the school in the past. He also said he was grateful for how the KHA had responded to new ideas for the future.
There were a few questions asked by the forum. First question was from Simon Howlett the newly elected chairman who asked how much money is needed for the phases on the new building and how was it raised ?
The headmaster replied the school trust , and surplus monies from the school had enabled the plans and first phase to start by the end of this year.
1.1 million had been secured for this exciting project to commence soon; however cash flow needs to be monitored , but this project is a legacy for future generations of pupils at KHS
Phill Hildesly Sheffield [54-62] asked the head how long will it be fro this project to start?
Nick said he had hoped the Maths and Science area would be started possibly by September this year and the Library building soon after that completing phase one. Planning permission has been submitted to the local council and plans were displayed in the hall.
John Huhges KHA Committee asked was the school extending the sixth form facilities as one for all the pupils to use?
The head replied at this stage the school were concentrating on the Academic facilities, and that the central mission was the success of all the children's experience at the school. He thanked John for his point to be considered in the future.
Simon Briggs KHA Committee, commented that he hoped the school were not going to change the name of the library which at present is the ' Young memorial' library. The head made a note of his comments.
John Timmins Sheffield [ 57-62 ] asked who was the Architect ? The head replied it was Mark Foley an ex pupil of KHS.
Matt Huber Norwich [55-61] commented he felt the KHA should be independent in raising monies and giving bursaries and should not be involved with monies for projects.
The head replied if the KHA still supported children with bursaries as they do now, it is what the founder would have wanted and will remain that way.
Mike Kent KHA Treasurer asked about the school's asset sales, had the trust raised 50% of the figure quoted in this manner?
Nick replied the school trust had been aware of selling assets / properties; however the trust had looked carefully at the drain on the schools' resources in keeping various out- lying properties maintained, and had decided the school would benefit from the investment of new facilities for pupils' development.

Simon Briggs commented should we discuss school matters on this forum, it was the trust and governors who decide in this area. Nick replied he was quite willing to discuss school matters at our meeting as there was no hidden agenda.
David Nock mentioned how impressed he was with the quality and standards of the pupils he met whilst visiting various parts of the school.
David said compared with when he was head boy he felt the school should be proud of the pupils that attended the school today. The head was asked about would the names of houses go back eventually to their original names?
The head replied if there was more land area it might be done, he also said he was mindful of formal house lunches and traditions that he wants to protect wherever possible.
Mike Kent wanted it recorded in the minutes of his thanks to Harriet for the hard work she had put in since her appointment, this was support by the chairman Simon Howlett who stated that with Harriet's skills and contribution real progress had been made in communication at KHS.
Harriet thanked everyone for their part and said we should protect our history and traditions.
John Timmins asked about the Army Cadet s section and their colours ,the head noted his details and said the school encouraged participation in CCF and other outdoor activities especially the Duke of Edinburgh awards. The school were looking at starting a Navy core as well.
The headmaster was thanked for his report but before he left Matt Huber asked about access to the internet and note book and lap top, what controls were in place with pupils, and their use in studies ?
Nick stated monitoring was in place and the school had rules on the internet web use and face-book.

8. A.O.B.

School-Days. See [ Appendix 3 ] accounts sheet produced by John Timmins

Report -- Simon Howlett the school-days editorial manager stated the new KHSD site is dedicated to our memories of our time at Kingham and an archive of pictures. Simon encouraged everyone to register; as you are able to upload photos, and give comments on all articles. Most popular is the note pad in contacting old friends.
2012 –13 has been a significant year when myself, Keith Targett [Governors board] Harriet the new development officer, and John Timmins have formed the group looking at a news sheet being part of the communication on the KHSD site similar to the hard copy
'Over the Hill ' magazine. .Summary details have been displayed in the school for visitors and pupils' information.
Better communication has been done on the KHSD site, and an easy to use and enter system is to be done this year. Anyone that we are aware, who have no Web site, let Harriet know and snail-mail will be sent to them in a hard copy form.
2012 to May 2013 has been very encouraging, users up by 10%, there has been a 3% increase of new visits, and over 3.000 new users with more time spent on the site.
Top 5 areas used are : 1. Top interest Notice Board [ contacting friends ]
2. Ralph Mann [ chapters.]
3. 1950-1960 articles.
4. Old ' Over the Hill ' magazine. 5. Pictures archive

One very interesting feature is the range of ages on the site, so send to the site your item of news and views.
New positions will be published this year on the KHSD site.

Subscriptions. The school some years ago dropped subscriptions when the Abatta system was started
John Timmins said the KHA stopped subscriptions when then school had their own membership site Abatta.
Monty confirmed that when the school had the new membership data base at the school personal subscriptions of membership to the KHA were relaxed .
Simon Howlett, stated that that over the last year the KHA committee had discussed the subs area again and feel that a small membership of £5 a month would not only help raise funds for bursaries, but make people feel a part of the school and the former pupils network.
Simon Briggs [ KHA committee] stated the Web site is still free, will a new tier of membership help the Centenary Trust Fund started in Tom Smarts' days.
Simon H replied we would still have a fund for pupils, but we need to work for both the CTF and where possible help towards projects as the KHA have done so well in the past.
Brian Dean suggested we look at those on record who had life membership when we discuss subscriptions. This was seen as a very valid point and will be discussed further.
Leo Smith asked about the KHSD accounts and what monies were made and would they be giving back any monies to the KHA in time. The balance sheet appendix 3 was passed to Leo for his information; Simon Howlett replied if and when money improves contributions will be paid into back into the CTF.
In general a vote was 17 were in favour of subscriptions with one against, and four abstentions.
There were a lot of individual opinions on the subscription subject so it was stated by the newly appointed chairman Simon Howlett, that as suggested by John Timmins, that we will have an extraordinary meeting when anyone attending the AGM will be invited to sort through the subscription debate and form an action plan for 2014. The date and location of the meeting will be published on the KHSD site.
Ken Wingfield KHA Sec has made a note of all the comments on subscriptions during the AGM which will be collated on the agenda for the extraordinary meeting.
Monty said that in the past some projects supported by the KHA did not go well because of some miss management , however the CTF [ Centenary Trust Fund ] will only be for bursaries.

Archives see Tony Middletons' report attached [ appendix 4 ] Tony Middleton spoke to the meeting on the work done over the last year on archives.
He has been working closely with Harriet ; James Woolliams and Frank Foster in shifting through the archives storeroom and spoke highly of all the work done by Frank Foster in putting material electronically onto disc and forwarding the discs and details to the KHSD site and members.
Ken Wingfield KHA Sec will write to Frank and thank him for his all the hours of work and time in producing the discs.
Tony asked members to send in any pictures or archive material to the school for his attention and if they could give any personal detail; especially in the pictures could they write in names on the back, it would save time in research and help a lot.
There are now a great number of photos on the KHSD site thanks to Simon Howletts help.
John Hughes stated if people can put names on the photographs sent it made it so much easier in time getting the remaining details and thanked Tony for his work.
Tony gave out his report to all at the meeting as in appendix [ 4 ]. The meeting and committee thanked both Harriet and Tony for all their work and we the KHA will support this vital history of Kingham-Hill school wherever possible.
Keith Targett [ Governors board ] Wished to thank Monty and the everyone involved for their hard work in bringing about a better relationship between the school and various groups in working together for the good of the school. He felt real progress was being laid down for the future.
The Chairman Simon Howlett said we would have a vote at the extraordinary meeting after discussion on subscriptions and with no further business closed the AGM at 16-20hrs
Date of the above meeting will be sent to all members and dates of both KHA meeting and next years AGM will be put on the KHSD Diary calendar pages.

Minutes written by Ken Wingfield KHA Sec May 2014

Post AGM News Unfortunately we have been told that Mr David Nock has had to step down from his election in May of the KHA Vice Chair on personal grounds, we thank David for his
Interest and hope he will be able to attend the next AGM.

Anyone interested in the post of The KHA Vice Chairman please contact Simon Howlett or me. Ken Wingfield KHA Sec

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