Minutes of Meeting held 16th March 2013

Kingham Hill Association
Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden
Minutes of Meeting
Meeting Date: Saturday 16th March 2013 Meeting Location: Kingham Hill School

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Jon Montgomerie (Chair), Ken Wingfield (Sec.), John Hughes, Simon Briggs, Brian Dean, Eddie White, Nick Seward (Headmaster), Mike Kent, Harriet Atkinson (KHS Development Officer), Leo Smith

Simon Howlett


1) Approval of Minutes. January 12th 2013 Agreed.

2) Matters Arising,

1. Update of school KHA notice board: Harriet had the board taken down and cleaned up with a new pin section fitted which has made a great improvement; Tony Middleton is now designing a new heading which was agreed upon by the meeting that will read:

Kingham Hill Association
Former and Present Pupils' Board

Each side of the title will be the present badges of the School and KHA.

2. Mike Kent and Ken Wingfield have arranged with the KHA Solicitor Mr David Ware a meeting to update details for Investment account held by "Ruffers" of London.

3. Mike Kent has spoken to Mark Amis about the refurbishment of the grave stones of the Founder and those at Kingham Church yard which includes Teddy Cooper's stone.
Mike put forward the idea that an inscribed plaque in brass or wood could placed at the church. The headmaster said he would like one for the School Chapel as a part of Kingham Hill's history. Mike Kent is writing to Kingham Church on the matter.

4. Ken Wingfield explained to Nick KHA seem to be having difficulty in arranging a Cricket match for the AGM KHA Reunion Day. Brian Dean asked whether we could have our reunion on a day when the school had cricket fixture so we could arrange our Reunion/AGM Day around it. The Head then stated [which none of us on the committee knew] that there are no longer matches at weekends, they tend to be on weekdays; with Exam dates changing continually it has been impossible to arrange the AGM KHA/School match and instead he hoped the match could be fitted into Speech Day.
During the following discussion, one idea suggested was to align the house term parties with the Reunion Day so that old girls and boys could visit their old houses and interact with their present occupants. Harriet and the head are looking into the idea and will report back to the committee.

3) Headmasters Report.

Nick said the school is still in good shape at present with 282 pupils of which 182 are boarders, slightly less than hoped for but still a reasonably healthy situation.
All independent schools are feeling the effects of the current economic climate and it is tough to attract new pupils. Generally, across the sector 50% of boarders are international pupils, but at Kingham Hill this is much lower, and only 16% of pupils have English as a second language. The head said that this gave the school the right kind of diversity in its community and thanks was due to Steven King [Marketing Dept] for getting the balance right.
Nick had been to London recently, and he spoke briefly of a meeting he had with Lord Adonis, who has written articles in the national press on boarding needs and has recently published a book in which he discusses his own ideas on how independent schools should fit in the country's overall educational system.
There has been a LEA [Local Education Authority] pupil come to KHS from Wandsworth as a result of Kingham having good working relationships with the Buttle trust; the school now also has direct contact with various Primary School heads who refer for boarding needs. Tooting is one school on this new scheme.
At the last two meetings Nick spoke of two girls who had been referred by local social services which the KHS bursary scheme has funded so far. He related the transformation seen in their character, how well they were settling into the school and gaining a real purpose – exactly what the school is aiming to achieve.
There has been one child come from the Fostering scheme, but there is some progress in liaising with local authorities as they begin to see assisted boarding as a real opportunity to meet children's needs. Nick said that within the next year the 20/20 building programme will start with the Science building being started.
Eddie White said he had looked at the Kingham Hill Trust financial figures and noticed one trustee had received a six figure sum in discount over some years for his children's education at KHS. The headmaster replied that the trustee is a clergyman who trained at Oak Hill, and so benefited from an "Old Oaks" bursary of 85%. The bursary scheme is in the review stage for staff, trustees and Old Oaks, and the level of support that this family had received would certainly not be applicable in future cases. Those children covered by the old scheme will continue, but the scheme will cease when they leave the school.
It was pointed out by several of the committee that trustees' expenses seemed high at £6,300 for the last Financial Year. The head that said at his meeting with Trustees and Governors this matter will be raised. Monty said that although we should be wary of making enquiries beyond our remit, it did seem reasonable to raise this concern as the figures are in the public domain.
Various other areas of finance were discussed such as the building fund and the recovery of monies misappropriated by the former Bursar, Mike Hall.
The head apologised that he had to leave and pick a pupil from one of the school's Saturday activities. The committee thanked the head for his personal work with pupils in trying to settle them into the structured life at the school.

4) Communications.

Harriet stated that a survey is to be distributed next week to all the ex-pupil contacts she has on file, and she asked if the committee any suggestions. Eddie White suggested that it would be useful if the survey included a question about whether the respondent knows of any other contacts from the school; this could go some way to re-establish contact with ex-pupils that KHS and KHA had lost contact with over the years.
Ken Wingfield had earlier suggested the display of business cards or other contact details for pupils to use in seeking advice from former pupils. This would be useful to display on the Top School notice board which is being updated to create a better communication with the schools' present pupils.

5) Chairman

Monty stated that he had had a constructive meeting with John Richardson (Chairman of the KHS Governors), and a discussion on issues put forward by the committee would take place in a Special meeting called by Monty at 13:30hrs following the committee meeting.

6) Treasurer

Mike Kent was thanked by the committee for sending some flowers to Mrs Judith Benson on the sad loss to their family; Mike said he had attended the Funeral.
Item 2 on Mikes report 18 see [ Appendix 1] shows that the GIFT Aid reclaimed for 2012 was £463-00.
The next Bursary amount of £10,000 will be forwarded to the school as soon as the required identities are accepted by Ruffers Investments London.

7) School-Days

Unfortunately Simon Howlett (KHSD Site manager/Editor) was ill and had to attend hospital, and so was not present at the meeting. There will be an update at the AGM meeting. The committee wished Simon a speedy recovery and thanked him for his excellent work on the Kingham-Hill School Days Web site.

8) Archives

James Woolliams provided a short report [see Appendix 2.] and came briefly into the meeting to discuss it. He asked if the committee would consider doing a short Video of the KHA and its work over the years for the school. He said Pupils would be shown the video perhaps on induction when they first arrive, but it would also benefit the present pupils to know who the KHA are, and put faces to names. Further discussion on video idea see under AOB.

9) Events

Everyone agreed the quiz night was a good and enjoyable night. Simon Briggs and Brian Dean both said that it needed to be longer and works better as a stand-alone event, as on this occasion there been too little time to chat with the sixth formers (Ken Wingfield had been obliged to change the evening times after initial arrangement, so as to fit in with the School Show which had later been scheduled for the same evening). It was agreed that in future the Quiz Night will be on an evening on its own. However everyone was pleased that the evening together with Sweet Charity was a success. Ken will send a letter of thanks to all who made the night a very enjoyable one. It was agreed that it is important we hold the Quiz Night in Memory of Peter Johanson who started the event years ago and ran it until his
death in 2010 (hence the "Gambaski Trophy"). The committee thanked Harriet for all her hard work in organising the Curry Night and invites to the School Show.
Leo Smith asked for an update on Rohilla Day, and asked whether the committee is enough to publish details; he felt that it was important that KHA should help support and build on the good job done by John Timmins over the last three years. Ken said he would write a letter to John on the matter. Rohilla Day is now established on the last Sunday of each September, for 2013 the date being Sept 29th, with the KHA Meeting on the Saturday 28th at the school. Monty agreed that we should fully support what has been a very successful day. After a short discussion with Simon Briggs it was decided a Tombola stall would be an added attraction on that weekend, and all the committee were asked to donate something to the stall.
Simon Briggs reminded the committee that for Anyone wishing to join the "200 Club" the prize draw will take place on AGM day, and the proceeds help the KHA bursary fund. Contact details are: Simon Briggs Tel. 01424-844238, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Simon also sells KHA branded Badges, Ties, Cufflinks, Ladies Scarves etc.

10) A.O.B.

Ken Wingfield said he had an email from a Chris Stevens, and gave the email address to Harriet.
Simon Briggs asked about putting the Newsletter on the KHSD Site; Harriet and Simon Howlett are liaising. Simon said that Yogi's old paper Newsletter ("The Hill & Beyond") was popular as members were interested in the news sent in of what other ex-pupils were
doing and where they were, etc. Harriet said this area will be developed in the near future in discussion with the KHSD Editor.

Eddie White suggested that there seemed to be a limited level of business experience on the board of governors and that perhaps some effort should be made to enlist suitable people from a wider range of professional experience outside of the school networks. Harriet said new procedures were place for nominations of Governors and a new sub-committee has been formed.

Archive and Video: James Woolliams stated that the Archive survey had been done and that Frank Foster had put data into disc form. Also a PDF Report will be done for the committee. John Hughes thought the video was a good idea; suggestions to develop the idea included involving someone from the KHA/KHSD, Tony Middleton, perhaps a teacher, and/or another member from the school management; another possibility would be that the school take on the project. Brian Dean suggested KHA could be included on the school video, although the last version was several years old now. Monty felt that this is a project that needs careful thought but since at present there a lot of changes we should consider it at a future date. It was decided to wait until it is clear how the KHS/KHSD and the KHA will work together on future communication, then the Video can be a part of everyone's future with all the agencies being involved.

James mentioned a surplus of books that we could sell, but no decision was made in this area.
Both Mike and Brian are bringing in Archive material for Harriet such as Sport Photo's. The committee was please to hear from Harriet that the school were planning to start again the tradition of houses' taking their formal sports team photo's each year.
Harriet said that she had received two enquires about searches for former pupils and were dealt with by her office.
Brian Dean asked about Draft copies of minutes Harriet said she would show the KHA Sec procedure on word documents involving water-marking a document to indicate it as draft.
Ken asked the committee if he could claim £21 for prizes for the Quiz night winners, this was agreed and Monty closed the meeting at 12-30 with no further business.

The date of the next committee meeting was set as Saturday September 28th 2013, meeting at 10:00 to start at 10-30am, as usual.
The final details of the AGM is awaiting school advice on house parties. Harriet is to advise the KHA Sec as soon as decision is made by the school management so publication can be put on KHSD site.


12-09-03 Mind the gap with Tom Lofts New Zealand Ongoing SH / JM
12-09-03 Update of Grave stones via Mark Amis / Liaise with church personal MK / HA
13-01-01 News Letter on KHSD HA / SH
16-03-13 Head Master and Harriet to advise final date for AGM SW / HA
16-03-13 KHA Sec to write letters of thanks to KHS and John Timmins KW
13-01-04 Look into how brief noted under New of Former pupils as Over the Hill could be
done KHSD Site SH
13-03-01 Look into the idea of aligning KHA day with House Term Parties HA / NS
13-03-02 Write to John Timmins expressing KHA Committee's congratulations and support for
his work on the Rohilla Day annual event.KW
13-03-03 Explain to KHA Sec. the method for watermarking MS Word documents to allow
draft minutes to be distributed without confusion once the formal issue was made. HA / KW

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