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Statement prior to the Annual General Meeting

KHA Reunion and AGM – 18th May 2013 at Kingham Hill School from 1pm

The KHA (formerly the Kingham Hill Old Boys Association, founded by the Founder's brother), is almost as old as the School itself. Historically we have been involved in organising events for ex-pupils and receiving and managing money donated by you, your families and friends of The Hill. Since 1986 donations have been managed by a legal charitable structure known as the Centenary Trust Fund (CTF) with the trustees appointed by the KHA Committee.

Last year the headmaster Nick Seward made the KHA Committee aware of the school's intention to begin managing all alumni communications, events and fundraising. This was described as something which should be within the remit of the school and that a new development officer would be appointed. Generally, this is becoming increasingly common across independent schools and colleges, and it does make sense in as much as more recent leavers have higher expectations of their alumni organisations, and increasingly these expectations are beyond that which can reasonably be met by a handful of volunteers in their spare time.

Whilst KHS have unsuccessfully attempted this in the past, we do on this occasion have high hopes for the future, specifically with the school running alumni events. We acknowledge there are other benefits a dedicated member of staff can bring to our community although we do not believe the school should be or is the sole source of alumni communication, particularly given the success of the School Days website which works with, but is independent of, both the school and the KHA. Neither do we believe the KHA should cease to operate and simply pass money donated for bursaries in the CTF to the school, but rather should continue to be the independent custodians of the CTF.

The school for their part do not seek the closure of the KHA and accept that it will operate alongside the school working with them in partnership. For our part, the KHA must accept the need for change, and so we wish to make you aware of the following key changes together with our plans for the future.

The KHA will:
Support the school in their alumni events both as individuals and as a committee. Any assistance we can offer will be provided, the aim to be working in harmony with the school.

Continue to organise and run the AGM, being a legal requirement of the function of the CTF. The AGM day will be held during the summer and will have a number of interesting events during the day which will be attractive to old boys and girls.

Be focused on raising money for the CTF. This provides bursaries to children who would greatly benefit from the boarding experience KHS provides and in keeping with the wishes of the Founder this will not be dependent on any special talent or academic achievement.

Work with the school over time to secure agreement that money donated to the school directly and specified for bursaries will be deposited in the CTF.

Establish a mechanism to enable the KHA to determine for itself who should receive funding from the CTF, with preference given to family members of former KHS pupils.

Work more closely and harmoniously with the school and school days to maximise the benefits both organisations offer.

The CTF it is a vital source of specific bursary funding, helping several children in need of support each year. The fund is managed exceptionally well and audited in great detail. We hope our intention to target bursaries in the way we have suggested appeals to you as Old Boys and Girls of Kingham Hill.

These plans do not impact substantially on our constitution however they do provide a new and clear focus for the KHA moving forward and we commend them to you.


If you are unable to attend the AGM we would be pleased to receive your comments by email > click here <

J M Montgomerie, Chairman, 8th May 2013

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