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Minutes of Meeting

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Meeting Date:

September 29th 2012

Meeting Location:

Kingham Hill School


Jon Montgomerie (Chair), Ken Wingfield (Sec.), John Hughes, Simon Briggs, Brian Dean, Eddie White,

Nick Seward, Mike Kent, Leo Smith, Harriet Atkinson.


Simon Howlett



Action No.



John Hughes asked was invited to say a few words on the health of his brother the President R.C.Hughes, who now needs full time hospital care.

The committee thanked John and wanted him to pass on to the Presidents’ family that he was elected as our President for life and that we wish that to remain the case.

The KHA will always be thankful for the life time support the President and his family have given to the KHA over many years.


Approval of May 5th Minutes   Approved.


Matters Arising from the Minutes.

Nick Seward made reference to the apologies section (1.0) in the minutes of May 5th.  He explained that a reply was sent that he was unable to attend, and was concerned about the tone of the remark in the minutes.

The situation was discussed thoroughly there were several points to learn from:

a)      The meeting was an additional one to the diary dates set with the school; being a busy period the additional date was already committed too by Nick with a Saturday outing with pupils, these factors did not filter through to the KHA Sec until late on May4th.

b)      Future alterations to the school diary will be Emailed and confirmed by two areas 1. Jo Cavan Nick’s PA.  2. Harriet Atkinson Development Office KHS, and  by the KHA Sec  who will pass details to the chairman as confirmation.

Brian Dean stated that communication must improve and wanted the subject to be put on the main Agenda and not A.O.B .  The chairman agreed with the committee that communications will now be on future Agenda immediately after the Headmasters report, so any other mis-understanding/ problems can be resolved with Nick present.

Mike Kent in defence of the KHA Sec at the time confirmed that an Email did not arrive until May 4th the day before from the school, so it was agreed more time on both sides is needed in the future.

Ken Wingfield now secretary will ensure in the last two week of each term that dates in the diary are checked with KHS and correct and any late including any late changes.  NB  The school diary committee meet in the last two weeks of term to formulate their school activities.  Apologies were accepted from both sides.




Cricket Match.

Nick Seward stated that the timing of the cricket match needs reviewing.  He stated the sixth form who make up most of the school team during June/July of the summer term are just in the middle of important exams; then they are also away most of that month, so trying to arrange a match during June is not possible.

It was agreed to both look at May time if the Reunion day is to include a cricket match.

It was pointed out to Nick that the KHA did give the school sufficient time to get this information back to the Events Sec, but we were only told at the last minute the school could not raise a team.

Harriet made a note of these problems and would look at May dates, so there can now be confidence that any events details will come from her office well in advance, so that problems can be highlighted and resolved by both organisations.

Simon Briggs mentioned that KHA has always selected a committee member to attend speech day, and that the KHA still provide a prize to be given out.  It was agreed that this tradition should be maintained.




Mind the Gap

Contacts with Ex pupils all over the world.  Monty and Simon H still to discuss and develop with Tim Lofts New Zealand.




Kings College

Both Brian Dean and Monty explained to Harriet the data base experience Kings College had, both in using internal and external systems of a pupil data (online and offline) and that we could learn from them in building our new data systems.


Headmasters Report.

Nick stated the number attending at the start of this new school year were slightly down, some of this was due to the international pupil numbers not being so high as their families movement fluctuate due to employment and age groups.  However over the last four years the school are on target with a 27% increase pupils attending the school.

Durham house was recently opened as full boarding for senior girls; there are 14 at present but will be able to take up to 24/28 in the future, so he was pleased with the changes made in having all the houses now taking boarders.  It may mean the school reviewing house names.

Norwich house (ex Clyde) house parents Mr and Mrs Stannard have encouraged the boys to go down to Daylesford Church and clean up all around the church grounds.  The headmaster was really pleased with this initiative and the fact that Norwich were going to start worship there again “the founder would be so impressed with this news”!!  Nick, who knows the Bishop, together with the local parish is involved with the revival of the church.

The head was really pleased to announce that two pupils had started under local council education schemes as full boarders (funded by LEA’s – Local Education Authorities ) and that a marketing strategy was being considered to contact all LEA’s with the information and value of boarding at KHS.  It was explained to us how the local authorities calculate different costs to help families in need in a tiered system (Tier 1 being the least cost), so these facts are taken into consideration when assessing bursaries.  Kingham Hill School supports the national committee for the identification of vulnerable children with the Buttle trust, raising the profile of KHS.

Nick reported on two vulnerable children, a girl aged 13 yrs and a boy 14 yrs, who had been given places at KHS despite being outside the existing budget, as they were in desperate circumstances and clearly came under the vision set by the founder for the school.  The head asked the KHA to consider future funding for these pupils as they only had short funding in place and felt they would need our help in the very near future.

Brian Dean asked about the Kingham Hill Trust financial contribution in these cases, Nick stated he was happy with the trusts help and their annual provision was fully allocated at present.

It was pointed out that nearly 50% of pupils are still supported to some level through bursary from various sources, however only 12 pupils are fully funded by various charities.

Nick said he was positive about the future strategy and development of Kingham Hill School for the next 30yrs, and that the new chairman of the board of trustees had now taken post.  There are going to be smaller projects rather than one big expensive building, replacement of the Science block being one of the first projects to be undertaken.

Eddie White asked if the trust had taken advice and consultation on the future strategy.  The head replied that advice had been sought and his mission as chief executive, along with the governors and trust, was to improve standards and achieve what the founder wanted Kingham School to be – a stable environment for pupils to learn with the best possible facilities.

Mike Kent asked the head about marketing of the school, Nick said he as the chief executive together with the trust were happy with the time spent on marketing and the results in numbers of pupils.

There have been staff changes, and when questioned on exam results, Nick said overall he was pleased, however recent government changes in marking exams had seen pupils in English being disappointed in their grades.  Staff  are looking at the new criteria from the exam boards for the term ahead.

Eddie White and Simon Briggs raised the subject of communications with the governors, and that the KHA had hoped that by now our KHA approaches would have had a response.  Monty stated he had made contact with the incoming chairman of governors, Mr John Richardson, but that a meeting had not yet taken place.

The committee were concerned about the communication issues and about delays in the two chairmen meeting.  Nick said he would undertake to make contact with the new chairman of governors and express the need of a meeting and for the KHA feeling to be heard.  He will contact Monty in the near future on this matter.

The Headmaster had spent significant time in giving his plans and views on where the school is heading, finishing by saying that the new appointment to the governors committee was good news for the future of the school.  The committee thanked Nick for his thorough report.





This area was bought forward after Brian Dean said it was vital to everyone that this area should be discussed in full and put higher on the agenda, and not in A.O.B.  Monty agreed and in future problems in this section can be raised with the headmaster whilst he is still in attendance (in case he has to leave to deal with other business) or with Harriet if she can attend.

At this point Harriet Atkinson, the new development officer, was introduced.  She gave a brief back ground of her experience working on building data systems and developing business over the last five years, including her work at Cheltenham Ladies College.

Brian Dean spoke of the history of the online sites and our previous databases we have had in the past.  He was concerned that KHA need to be involved in any new database and that information needs to be shared and accessible for the benefit of all – KHS, KHA and KHSD.

Harriet stated she had the data from 2007 and the protected KHA password from Simon Howlett, who she has still to meet.

Ken Wingfield  mentioned that the100 names and addresses that Iain Helstrip had sent out by post would be forwarded to Harriet.  Ken also made the observation that a lot of time and cost returned only five replies about the reunion day in June and six had been sent back not known or sadly deceased.  This shows that a modern, efficient and up-to-date database is badly needed to keep contact when pupils leave school.

Mike Kent told the meeting that he had been handed mail for the KHA and Treasurer (which had suddenly appeared in the Archive room ) that was one year old.  Harriet made notes on this and will ensure mail is directed to the proper KHA post box at the school.  It will be Harriet’s office that will liaise with Tony Middleton and James Woolliams on Archive issues.  Finally Brian Dean said if the school data base is not online we need a messages system via Harriet.

Monty said he still had to arrange a meeting with Simon Howlett and Harriet on what access the KHA will have via KHS and KHSD sites in the future, we need to be able to share information.




JM / SH / HA



Monty stated he has been given information on assessment of candidates for bursaries by Amada Kaye (the school Bursar), in support of the proposed system for the KHA to operate more independently in this matter.  He also has information on the Sue Thomas foundation Charity.

Brian Dean asked how much progress had Monty made since the last time the committee met in arranging a meeting with the governors new chairman Mr John Richardson.  As noted above, Monty had made contact with the incoming chairman of the governors via Keith Targett (who is also on the committee), but to date had no confirmation of a meeting.  Monty hopes that with bringing the matter up with Nick earlier, things will progress a lot quicker.

Mike Kent stated it is the two chairmen we wanted to meet to discuss future plans, which will improve not only communications, but hopefully provide reassurance that the KHA will remain part of the future of the school.

Monty said in reply that he would keep the committee updated by email.  Whilst on the subject of emails Monty reminded all that before sending an email it is important to check the distribution of the message is as intended and that what is written accurately conveys the intended sentiment (bearing in mind the communicative limitations of email).





Mike Kent produced a financial report (Appendix 1) copies of which were given out to the committee.

Mike said he has now been trying for several months to sort out the new signatories, he his still to hear from Simon Howlett, who unfortunately could not make the meeting due to illness.  Eddie White said as a former treasurer it is very time consuming and frustrating when important documents get delayed.

Mike said the KHA reunion day ticket sales made a small profit, but the Pay Pal system had worked smoothly.

Simon Briggs asked about the £128 expenditure for tickets and postage; it was explained the mail-shot done by Iain Helstrip (100 letters) cost £84 to send, and printed tickets and stamp purchased by the events secretary (Ken) cost £44.

Simon Briggs was thanked for his work with the 200 club draw on the reunion day, which raised approx. £174 for the Centenary Fund.  On a proposal from Mike, it was agreed by the committee that Tony Middleton would continue to be supported for his fuel costs to do work in the KHA Archive room, several journeys having been made from Suffolk; thus far Tony had been given £150 toward his fuel costs.

Mike thanked Leo Smith for donating some stamps to help his cost with mail.

Simon Briggs asked about Frank Foster, it was explained that Frank was on the KHSD team since it was formed and was their treasurer with an account at Banbury, but that he had no connection with KHA accounts.

Mike finished by saying one of the letters just received (see section 5, para 4 above) was one year late, which was a letter from a parent of a pupil the KHA had given a bursary to.  He stressed that this kind of delay in comm’s really must not happen again as it was very awkward and embarrassing to answer questions and reply one year after the fact!



James Woolliams and Tony Middleton were working in the Archive room on the day of the KHA meeting and joined us for lunch.  James submitted a report for the meeting (Appendix 2 ) and the committee thanked them both for their ongoing work in sorting out the archive material.



Ken Wingfield issued his report to the committee (Appendix 3) covering the KHA reunion day June 23rd 2012.  Ken said he was pleased how the pay pal system had worked with the help of Simon H (KHDS) and the treasurer Mike Kent.  A small profit had been made on ticket sales and once again Ken thanked everyone who came, and the school itself, for making it a memorable day.

It is hoped with Harriet as liaison with KHA that we will avoid sudden late information on changes to scheduled day’s events.

Dates for 2013 were given and will be published on the schooldays site when details are finalised with Harriet. 

The next KHA Reunion date and details will be confirmed and published after the next meeting on Jan 12th 2013.

The Annual Sixth Form Quiz Night will be on Friday March 15th 2013 in memory of Peter Johansen [details will be on the KHDS Site soon].

Ken stated he wanted to update the notice board in the school corridor with business contacts on and possibly school and schooldays events on it.       


KW / HA / SH




The Addendum to the AGM.

Mike Kent (Treasurer) issued the new list of signatories form to the meeting.

He hopes by the January 2013 meeting to have completed all the forms and mandate to the Ruffers Inv Fund and will update the committee on progress

(see Appendix 4)




Bursaries – Moratorium

Ken Wingfield suggested that unused money from last year’s bursary allocation (£2K, which had been unspent due to sponsored pupils leaving) could be used to help the appeal the headmaster had spoken about earlier.  In the discussion that followed, the consensus seemed to be that whilst a moratorium was in place and until the role of the KHA was made clearer when Monty meets with the chairman of governors Mr John Richardson, KHA should not proceed at present with Ken’s suggestion.  Monty called a vote on whether to adopt Ken’s suggestion, and the result was: 

5 Against

2 For

1 Abstention

Further discussion will take place in January.


Founder’s Head Stone.

Mike Kent stated that not only was the founder’s stone requiring work, but that the Head Stones of Kingham Boys buried in Kingham Village Church Yard were in a poor state.

Mike agreed with Monty to contact various people at the church and to contact Mark Amis who had previously had offered his skills (or those of his contacts) to help in 2011 with the gravestones.




Dairy Dates.

The next KHA Committee meeting will be on 12th January 2013, which will be put on KHSD by Ken.  It is envisaged the Founders’ Day will be 16th March 2013 and that the Quiz Night could be the evening before, i.e. 15th March, and 7:30pm.  The KHA Reunion day and events will be on the Agenda at the Jan meeting.

When the details for March or any of the school events are finalised with Harriet, Ken will instruct Simon Howlett to publish on Schooldays Web site.                                                                             


KW / HA / SH

The meeting finished with no further business at 1:30pm.  As noted above, the next meeting is on 12th January 2013 in the KHA Centre, the meeting proper starting at 10:30 a.m.

Complete (Secretary):



Approved (Chairman):



Action No.




Dates to be put on school diary two weeks before end of term and checked.



Arrange for KHA committee member to attend speech day, and KHA prize to be given out



Mind the Gap ongoing with Tim Lofts New Zealand.



Meeting KHA/GOV Chairmen.



Harriet’s office to liaise with T Middleton and J Woolliams re. Archive issues.



Keep committee updated re. Chairs’ meeting by email.



Update and maintain KHA notice-board in Top-School.

KW / HA / SH


Complete paperwork re. Ruffers and update committee in January.



Contact Mark Amis and others re. restoration of gravestones.



Ensure events are finalised with Harriet and then provide info for publishing on KHSD.

KW / HA / SH

Drafted Oct. 2012, K Wingfield

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