The 124th AGM of Ex-pupils organisations of KHS originated by the Founder's brother.

23 June 2012. Venue: KHS lecture Theatre.

Committee members present:

Nick Seward (Headmaster, invited), Kenny Winfield (Events), Leo Smith, Brian Dean, Mike Kent (Treasurer), Eddie White, John Hughes, Mike Tadman, Iain Helstrip (Secretary), Simon Briggs (Memorabilia), Simon Howlett (KHSD, Chair stand in).

Regrets received from:- R. Hughes, John Mongomerie (Chairman).

Regrets & resignation: from committee received from Bryan Shaw.

Other members (and senior house) attending were:-

Peter Dully Durham 59/64

Clive Chivers Durham 53/59

Bill Collett Sheffield 31/41

John Timmins Sheffield 57/62

Carl Browning Sheffield 50/56

John King Norwich 67/73

Paul Boyle Norwich 53/59

Matt Huben Norwich 55/61

Keith Targett Clyde 61/69

Mike Tadman Clyde62/68

Tony Combe Clyde 67/68

Eric Gordon Bradford 33/38

Colin Berwick Bradford 54/60

Tony Middleton Greenwich 64/67

1.0 2011 AGM Minutes.

These were approved without amendment.


2.0 Matters arising.

There were no matters arising from the above minutes.


3.0 Election of officers for the KHA committee 2012/2013

  • It was proposed that voting rights at an AGM for members of KHA should be restricted to those who have studied on the Hill (border or day pupil) and to those that have been employees of KHS, their partners and siblings. (NB. Any person is welcome to attend but voting rights are restricted as above). This motion was carried.
  • It was further proposed that a new position of Deputy Chairman should be created, and this was seconded and carried.
  • It was further proposed that the constitution restricting officers holding a post for no longer than 3 years should be suspended to allow Jon Montgomerie to stand as Chairman for a further 12 months. This was agreed.


The voting for the committee members for non life members then took place and the new committee for 2012/13 will be comprised of the following members:-

  • Jon Mongomerie Chairman.
  • Simon Howlett Deputy Chairman / KHSD Web Site Manager.
  • Mike Kent Treasurer.
  • Kenny Wingfield Secretary & Events organiser.
  • Simon Briggs 200 Club/Memorabilia


  • R .Hughes President (Life Member)
  • John Hughes Vice President (Life Member)
  • Brian Dean Vice President (Life Member)
  • Eddie White Vice President (Life Member)
  • Keith Targett Vice President (Life Member)
  • Leo Smith Life Member


4.0 Chairman's Report.

The Vice Chairman then read the Chairman's report. A copy of this report is appendix 1.


5.0 Headmasters Report.

The headmaster reported that it had been a difficult albeit a successful year. There had been three sad events which had affected everybody on the Hill. In spite of this the school had made good progress both financially and academically. It was going to be in the black for the first time in many years. The pupil head count was currently 285 with 300 in their sights. Academically the results at A level were better than many local 'public schools'

The school was running a pilot in conjunction with Oxford CC fully funding a boarding place and it is hoped that the current economic necessity being forced upon local authorities may bring more borders to the school. The headmaster also made an appeal for additional funds for bursaries.

The headmaster recognised and appreciates the support given by KHA in the form of bursaries, and advised that there were between 12 and 20 pupils at KHS, who were there in circumstances similar to the Founders principles.

The Headmaster confirmed that the school would be setting up its own Alumni organisation, not primarily to raise funds although this will form part of its remit, but for it to present a sense of identity to all old boys and to be guardian of the "KHS brand". The incident of the Housemistresses car accident being featured on the KHSD web site was raised as an example and felt to be inappropriate and was reported 'by many' as causing some distress on the hill.

The Headmaster reported that communication between the current ex leavers organisations and the school was difficult and was responsible for many of the misunderstandings that have (and still do occur) Mr Seward said that the new development officer (to be appointed 25/06/12) will become the sole point of contact for KHA when interacting with KHS. Nick Seward to advise of name and contact details.

Action: Nick Seward.

The headmaster agreed to distribute the KHA memorabilia gifts to 2012 leavers.

Action: Nick Seward.

6.0 Treasures Reports.

The current situation and school year treasure reports are attached in appendices 2 & 3. It is noted that the signatures on the two accounts will need to change with the new committee faces.

Action: Mike Kent


7.0 School Days report.

Mr Howlett proved a full school days update. A copy of this is attached as appendix 4. Given KHS ambitions to start their Alumni organisation there was some concern expressed as it is not known if KHS will continue to financially support KHSD.


8.0. Any Other Business

8.1. Photography. It was commented that the school no longer took formal house and team photos. Mr Middleton reported that he had not heard back from the school following his kind offer of photography.

8.2. Web site content. Simon Howlett (KHSD Administrator) reported that the 'car crash' photo referred to by the Headmaster, as displayed on the KHSD website, had a total of 15 hits (world wide) prior to it being removed. Removal of the image occurred immediately after an email was received by School Days which suggested it may be insensitive to publish this photo. The decision to remove the image, even though it might be seen as a form of censorship, was taken on the basis School Days do at all times act responsibly and in this case found in favour of suggestion, even though the same photo was published in the national press and was nothing more than a picture of the damaged garage forecourt where the accident occurred.

8.3. KHS/KHA/KHSD, The Future. Mr Targett reported as a Governor that he wanted it to be clear that the school would be starting its own Alumni organisation for all the reasons the Headmaster had outlined and that its purpose was not primarily to raise funds. This very important subject was briefly discussed but we ran out of time and it was agreed further discussion would be handled informally after the AGM and continued on the School Days website thereafter.


IAIN HELSTRIP. KHA Secretary. 2011/2012

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