Minutes of KHA committee meeting

17 March 2012 Venue KHA centre – KHS

Those present:-

Nick Seward (part time), Jon Montgomerie, Leo Smith, Brian Dean, Simon Briggs, Mike Kent, John Hughes, Bryan Shaw, Mike Tadman, Simon Howlett, Iain Helstrip.

Apologies for absence:- Eddie White, Kenny Wingfield, & R. Hughes

Circulation: Those above and Keith Target & Jo Cavan.


1.0 Quiz Night.

Three old boys were in attendance. The evening went well. B. Shaw to write a short piece for KHSD. It was suggested and agreed that 'attendance type events' would be publicised on the main page of the web site. Action: BS/SH


2.0 Over the Hill Magazine

Simon Howlett reported that most of the articles held by JDT were already published on the website. It was agreed that copies of these would be sent in word format to Monty. Action: SH

Mike Kent to supply archive articles that have already been published to SH for publication. Action: MK

Iain Helstrip agreed that he would take on the mailing of these articles to the 100 or so Old Boys who are not web enabled. (NB. This would also be mailed with details of the June 30 Cricket Match / AGM / Re-union). SH to supply address detail. Action: IH

Stamp of "undelivered message" to be sent to the secretary by Mike Tadman. Action: MT


3.0 Mind The Gap.

It was decided that some form of procedures needed to be put in place, in order to provide a reassurance to all parties involved that students were not being sold to slave traders or similar. It was thought that a form of some kind should be developed. Au pair agencies might have something similar. Iain Helstrip to try to obtain examples. Action: IH


4.0 AGM / Cricket Match.

Kenny Wingfield note was discussed in detail. Regrettably the final costs were not available from KHS catering. It was agreed that the event would be published on the Web Site with the opportunity to buy tickets in advance. (also mail shot for those not web enabled see point 2 above) It was felt that a cost of £10.00 per person for lunch/BBQ was felt to be appropriate (if necessary the catering scaled back to meet this figure). It was felt that catering for 50 persons was appropriate and the number of pre sales could be monitored and adjusted as required. Final costs to be confirmed by Kenny Wingfield. Action: KW

Monty to liaise with the Worminton twins concerning their "young old boys team" and obtain confirmation that the school would also be participating. Action: JM

It was noted that there were still communication difficulties with the school and the head would investigate. Action: NS

The venue for the AGM needed to be resolved as this was required for the web site and mailing the head master to revert. Action: NS

Tony Middleton has kindly agreed to take photographs on the day. Action: TM.

It was agreed that all matters concerning the cricket match needed to be resolved by the end of March. Action: All above on point 4.


5.0 Treasurers Report.

This was presented. No issues arising.


6.0 Archive.

This is in the process of being transferred from Mike Kent to Tony Middleton.


7.0 Web site.

Simon Howlett reported that it had been very busy and that sufficient offers of financial support had been received recently and it was hoped that the loan made could be repaid in the future. SH acknowledged he was unaware of the early history of the funding. SH further confirmed that he was the sole owner of the KHSD web site


8.0 The 200 Hundred Club.

Simon Howlett & Simon Brigs to liaise concerning amending the format of the 200 club. This to have more frequent draws and to be publicised on KHSD. SB confirmed in the meantime the 200

draw could continue in its current format without amendment.


9.0 Branded KHA Merchandise.

It was agreed that ties and scarf's & pens would be given to all leavers in 2012. Simon Briggs to finalise arrangements. Action: SB


10.0 Headmasters Report.

The headmaster advised that it had been a difficult time for staff and pupils with a number of bereavements amongst staff, relatives and pupils.

The school was budgeting a surplus and would be back into the black in 2013. 300 pupils would be starting in September.

Durham House would be reopening as a girl's boarding house in September. It would also remain as the medical centre.

The chairman of the Governors' Mark Stanley Smith was retiring and was being replaced by John Richardson. The 20/20 vision was being relooked at a long with a new business plan for the school. 8 new classrooms (over time) are needed to accommodate the increased headcount. The overall layout of the school facilities was currently being re-examined by Mark Foley to ascertain if greater use may be obtained by juggling existing facilities. The impact this may have on the KHA centre/Archive room has yet to be established.

The Head confirmed it was still the intention of the school to proceed with their own alumni organisation, as it was felt that it was important for the school's fund raising activities. The Head Master confirmed that the school would be appointing a development officer to run their Alumni organisation.

It was agreed that the Head Master would provide a short report on the school for the web site. Action: NS.


11.0 The Future of ex-pupil Organisation

(The meeting was joined by Mark Amis.)

It was agreed unanimously that KHA would continue as an independent ex-pupils organisation It was noted that in future that the conduct in the meeting needed to improve, and that in future all participation would be through the chair. This was agreed by all.

It was also noted that Leo Smith and John Hughes would require a paper copy of all round robin KHA communications. Action: IH

It was suggested by Brian Dean that the KHA chair contact Kings College to ascertain how their ex-pupils run their organisation in tandem with the colleges own organisation. Action: Monty/BD

It was pointed out that 'top school' has a KHOBA headed board which is being used by the school for all manner of things. It was agreed that Monty would contact the school to reclaim the notice board and once reclaimed, minutes and other relevant KHA/KHSD information could be posted. Iain Helstrip agreed to handle the posting of this in the first instance. Action: IH

Simon Howlett requested that any request for KHSD activity by any member of KHA is directed to him personally and to nobody else on his team. Action: All.

Mr Howlett requested that he be re join the KHA committee and this was agreed.

Mr Amis reported that he would be handling the refurbishment of the lettering on the Founders Grave stone, and would revert to KHA with suggestions as to the other grave stones in Kingham Church Yard might also receive some cosmetic improvements. Action: Mark Amis.


12.0 KHA Bursaries.

It was agreed that KHA would look at developing a procedure/system/criteria by which KHA might issue Bursaries direct to applicants. Although the school will obviously make referrals and offer advise, this will place a more direct responsibility on the trustees for fair, proper and accountable scrutiny of applications; JM will seek advice from David Shepherd, who is his former housemaster, but also an ex-trustee of the Buttle Trust. Action: Monty

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