KHA Minutes January 2012

Minutes of KHA committee meeting

28 January 2012. Venue KHA centre – KHS

Those present:- Nick Seward (part time), Jon Montgomerie, Kenny Winfield, Tony Middleton, Leo Smith, Brian Dean, Mike Kent, Eddie White, John Hughes, John Timmins, Bryan Shaw, Mike Tadman, Iain Helstrip.

Apologies for absence:- S. Briggs R. Hughes

Circulation: KHSD web site those present and James Woolliams, Simon Howlett, Amanda Kaye, Jo Cavan & Mr. K. Targett



1.0 KHA Committee Meeting November 5

The minutes were approved. It was agreed that minutes would again be posted on the KHA section of the KHSD site for all to be able to review.

Action: IH/SH



2.0 Database/200 Club.

This question could not be addressed due to absence of Simon Briggs/Simon Howlett. Simon Briggs to follow up.

Action: S.B.



3.0 Resignations from KHA committee.

It was announced that Keith Targett had resigned, as had Simon Howlett . John Timmins provided his resignation. Tony Middleton also announced that he was stepping down in order to concentrate on the archive activity which was being relinquished by Mr. Kent.



4.0 Archive Room.

All the keys had been distributed to the appropriate party's. It was noted that the decoration paid for by James Woolliam's had not yet been undertaken and that the room had been left open. The Head agreed that he would investigate the decoration and that greater diligence would be employed to keep the room locked.



5.0 Quiz Night

Mike Kent advised that he would not be undertaking the role of organising the quiz night which is to take place on March 16. He further confirmed that nothing had been organised as yet. Mike Tadman agreed to take on this task and be responsible for the entire organisation and this was agreed with the Headmaster it was felt that there was still sufficient lead time time to organise a professional event. It was confirmed that no funds were expected to be required.

Action: M.T.



6.0 Over the Hill Magazine.

John Timmins confirmed that he had several articles complete and ready for inclusion in the magazine. John Timmins suggested he would supply to Jon Montgomerie in 'word format' who could create a pdf file and would liaise with Simon Howlett concerning these being made available electronically.

Action: JDT/JM



7.0 Mid the Gap

The concept is old boys living overseas or in UK offering accommodation to ex pupils of KHS who are on their gap year travelling the world/country) John Timmins committed to having some designs created to advertise this. Jon Montgomerie & John T. to liaise in order to resolve the manner in which old boys to sign up to this concept to be hosts.

Action: JDT/JM



8.0 Pupils Support.

It was reiterated that all requests should emanate from the head to Mike Kent./ Jon Montgomerie. It was agreed that support would only be for UK citizens. An invoice to be raised and sent to Mr. Kent for the recent additional emergency request. Mr. Kent to contact the Bursar to ascertain the value of a credit due from KHS to a pupil's early departure.

Action: NS/MK



9.0 Headmasters Report.

9.1 Oxfordshire LEA.

A breakthrough with the authorities was announced and that a pupil was now at KHS from the Oxfordshire care system and was being fully funded. The head advised this success was down to the efforts of Mr. King.


9.2 Interim Boarding Inspection.

This was a compliance exercise, but this had gone exceptionally well. Appropriate detail to be supplied by the Head to Simon Howlett for publication on KHSD.

Action : NS


9.3 Pupil Numbers

The pupil numbers were at a record number with boarders also being maintained. Total numbers were 285 with 183 boarders.


9.4 Alumina Database & the future.

It was suggested by Mr. Dean that a meeting took place between Mr Howlett and the Headmaster. The Head replied that Mr Howlett had been in contact and they were to arrange a meeting. The Head advised that he wanted the school to be having a dialogue with all ex pupils and for the school to handle all the formal communications with ex pupils. Ideally this would be with a secretary of the alumni organisation whatever it might be called (Hillians being really liked) reporting to the Schools Development Director.

Concerns were voiced, as the school had taken much of these activities over in the past, and with changing staff and priorities, these had been abandoned over time leaving the ex-pupil organisation in a difficult position from which it has yet to fully recover. This will be an agenda point for full and proper discussion at the AGM.

Action: ALL


9.5 AGM/Old Boys Day

It was agreed that the AGM/Old Boys Day meeting would take place on the Saturday June 23 this is the Saturday before Speech Day. There will be a cricket match of recent leaver old boys playing the school on this day, to be organised by the Wormington brothers. Full details will be announced at a later date but it is thought that a buffet lunch/cricket tea should be organised and paid for by attendees. Advance booking for numbers will be required.

Action : KW


9.6. Photography.

The Head agreed with the suggestion that team and house photographs should be reinstated, and Mr Middleton advised that as this was his business he would be prepared to handle for out of pocket expenses.

Action: AM/NS



10.0 March KHA Committee Meeting.

It was agreed meet at 09.30 Founders Grave/ Daylesford Church. Meeting to start at 10.30 John Timmins to liaise and find out cost/arrange purchase of a wreath and advise Mr. Kent.



11.0 Treasurers Report.

A full report on the finances was given, and an explanation given to the delays in the 2010 from the accountant. It has transpired that essential information to complete the 2010 accounts was misplaced in Mr. Tadman's office along with a donation to the centenary fund. This matter has now been resolved. Formal appreciation for Mr. Kent's professional execution of the accounts was made and thanks for all his hard work on the archive and past quiz nights.



11.0 Pat Gilmore.

Mr Tadman advised that Pat Gilmore had died and his funeral would take place on 21 February. No other details are known at this time.



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