Now that has hopefully attracted your attention, it is sadly a distinct possibility in the not too distant future, if younger members don’t come forward to serve on the KHA committee, which has an average age of 60. Yes it is a commitment but only for three or four Saturdays a year, hardly onerous.

At the recent AGM about 40% of those attending were the current committee which cannot be a healthy situation for any club or association. Of all the groups which remain unrepresented it is the ladies, or lack of them, which is most disappointing. So come on ladies get in touch and tell us why.

While communication in the wide world has exploded with so many mediums, E.mail, Text, Twitter, mobile ‘phones plus others which no doubt exist we are rapidly, if we let it, becoming a community which keeps in touch but doesn’t feel the need to meet face to face.

We also need articles for the “Over the Hill” magazine which is in the “temporary” stewardship of Mike Tadman and likewise for Schooldays under the control of Simon Howlett.

Finally it must be remembered that both KHA and KHACTF belong to you and if you want them to continue then be supportive. It is fatal to take the attitude that “someone else will do it” because one day it will come to an end and thinking, ”if only I had taken the time” will be irrelevant.

If you would like to play a part in the activities of the KHA then please contact me by clicking here

Bryan Shaw. Hon. secretary KHA. For ever an optimist.

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