trophyA really good evening was enjoyed by the large number of people who attended.

Congratulations go to the Kingham Hill 6th form leisure studies group, who organised the event at part of their leisure course work and did a very good job from start to finish.

The "Woyjek Gambaski" Trophy


Old Boys, staff and Kingham villagers travelled from far and near to take part, win yummy prizes and of course take the next team name space on the fabled trophy of horns, The Woyjek Gambaski.

hall_left hall_right

The school dining hall was packed and as luck would have it the perfect place to be to enjoy the meal of pasta bolognese and cheesecake (not on the same plate) aided by fluid refreshment from the Sixth Form Bar. Thanks are due to all the staff who served us all throughout the evening.

With raffle tickets bought, teams selected, people seated and the first quiz paper on the table it was eyes down and ears open for the first question from our new quiz master Mike Kent. When the trouble began.... a minor glitch in the sound system provided an added dimension to the difficulty of the quiz but not to be beaten by technology Mike carried on regardless.

Within a short while the issues with feedback subsided to a level where we could hear the questions, and even some of the answers being excitedly shouted out from one or two of the other teams sitting close by! The leader-board showed the top spot being taken by almost every team in the room at some point during the grilling yet there always has to be a winner.

The winning teams were;


The Magnificent 7 (+1)

Joint 1st

69 Points


The Transvestites

Joint 1st

69 Points


Winger's Wanderers

Close 2nd

64 Points

As you can see the teams were a mix of the Old and the New, Teachers, Staff, Friends and Villagers who all acquitted well against some tough questioning.

There were 3 raffle winners and £100 was raised for charity.

Before, during and after the event it was a real pleasure to see and hear people talking freely about their time on the Hill and fielding a great many questions from the current students, who were very interested in what it was like in our day, what we did now and had done since we left.

The multinational make up of the student population was evident yet entirely natural and well suited to what Kingham has to offer in the 21st century. One team "The Tourists" was made up of Scottish, English, Chinese, American, Ukrainian, Cypriot and other nationalities!

A huge "Well Done" to the winning teams, thanks to the Staff and to all those who came along and had a good time - See you next year!


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