Norwich Inter-house Rugby Report

House rugby 1 tm On Friday the 9th November Norwich boys, young and old, took to the pitches to determine this year's house rugby champion. 

The intermediate rugby boys were looking to prove that, even though they had just moved up into the senior houses, they were ready to take on their teammates from past matches.  With the speed of Adrian Leung, the strength of De-Reece Patterson and the Taylor twins, the new talent of Aaron Madden, and the combined unity of the team, Norwich was quietly confident that they would be a force to be reckoned with come their first match.  With a brief talk from Mr. Stannard about the particulars of the tournaments, it began...  The year 9 and 10 boys went straight in and secured a hard fought win over Havelock – their biggest rivals and holders of the intermediate trophy from last year.  Captain Gary Walker said: "We fought hard and so did they, but we had secured the win by half time".  The game ended 21-5 to Norwich.  After their first match, things where looking good for the Norwich Intermediates.  In their second match, Norwich also emerged victorious in another massive contest against Sheffield house, ending 31-5 to Norwich.  A really excellent tournament win for the intermediates.  Well done boys, you really did the house proud!  "I am so proud of the boys, they played brilliantly and I was just so ecstatic when we won.  I was actually relieved after the Havelock match as I thought that Norwich were going to let them through every time they got the ball, but excellent tackling from everyone kept our lead safe." said Year 10 Norwich tutor Will Hayes.  Congratulations to the winners of the intermediate inter-house rugby 2012, you showed true Norwich spirit and won with humility.

 House rugby 1 med

The seniors however, had a challenge that was equally monumental; the Year 11s looking to have an improved showing after last year's dismal performance and the sixth form looking to prove that all their perfectly honed skills are not just a load of hot air. Much easier said than done...  With that the first game was underway, Norwich easing to a comfortable win over Bradford, ending 10-7 to Norwich.  Our next match was half an hour away, so we set about keeping warm and making sure that we kept moving.  This match was a big one against Havelock.  We overtook them in fitness and work rate, which won us the match, although it was no easy contest (despite the scoreline).  Final score 38-0 to Norwich. 

We had made it to the final. The moment of truth. The true test. Sheffield.  The game started off and it was a rough affair, both sides working and playing their hearts out when, fairly early in the first match, a miracle happened.  A quick ball to Josh Goddard sent him over the line for a well deserved try.  This was not to last however as Sheffield were quick to equalise.  The rest of the half continued without incident.  However, in the second half disaster for Norwich.  A try under the posts cemented the win for Sheffield.  However Norwich boys showed no sign of spite or jealousy and no arguments had broken out. Both sides had played with everything they had, but it ended 14-7 to Sheffield.  "I am not disappointed in any of my boys, I would have loved a win but I was so pleased with their play and their spirit.  I just know we'll win next year!" said Mr. Stannard, head of Rugby and Norwich house master. So that was the end to an unforgettable contest, congratulations to everyone who played, it was an excellent afternoon!

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