Peter Morris
Sheffield House
1960 - 1965



Head of School and also House
BA (Hons) MA  
Year of Call 2000






Pete Morris has a practice principally in immigration & asylum law. He has been junior counsel acting on a pro bono basis for civil liberties organisations intervening in the House of Lords in A & Others , [2004] EWCA 1123 on the admissibility of evidence derived through torture abroad and Jones v The Kingdom of South Arabia & others [2004] EWCA Civ 1394, a case concerning civil actions for torture abroad.

He edited the Blackstone's Guide to the Asylum & Immigration (Treatment of Claimants etc) Act 2004 [OUP 2004].



Peter Morris

Before coming to the Bar he was Director of Policy for the public service trade union, UNISON. He was on the European TUC Economic Committee (1996-9) and the ETUC Social Policy Committee (1992-6) where he coordinated the work of European trade unions on social clauses in public procurement contracts.

Within the union, he was responsible for developing the legal and economic case for the national minimum wage and instrumental in forming a working group on its legislative form and implementation in early 1990's. He advised the trade union side in major 'equal pay for work of equal value' pay restructuring in local government, health service and universities (1985-88).

In the 1970s and 80s he worked with the garment and furniture unions in East London, organising low paid and mainly migrant workers.

This text is reproduced from the Doughty Street Chambers website.

‡ Note added by our historian.

The Call to the Bar is a legal term in most common law jurisdictions. Common law jurisdictions were all at one time part of the British Empire. Being called to the Bar has its origin in the royal summons that was issued to one seen fit to serve in the royal court at the monarch's pleasure.


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