Durham House West Country Re-Union

Durham_Boys_smSeptember 2010

A small group of Durhamites who were at KHS in the early 1960’s met again at the Boot Inn at Berwick St James (close to Salisbury) with their House Master Rev. Ralph Mann. All were now in their 60’s !!


(L to R) Iain Helstrip, Tony Dee, Richard Moore, Nick Bonnett, Peter Rozycki


For some it was the first meeting in 45 years, although carrying a copy of The London Times was not quite necessary, it was admitted that we might have passed in the street and not recognised each other !

For those living in the West Country, a get together on the hill becomes a three day expedition with two nights in a hotel, which aside from the expense (especially in peak summer) can become a logistical nightmare..

This Durham get together was felt to be a great success, good company, good food and beer and a special big thank you to Ralph Mann as his participation and presence really did make it a perfect day.

We have agreed that we will have a repeat West Country Re-union in 2011 and any Durhamite (or ex- KHS pupil) wishing to join in will be made very welcome. Please make contact with Iain Helstrip via the KHSD web site.

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