Year 10 trip to Brasenose College for Oxbridge training day

bnc - tmbAn instructive morning was spent at the Year 10s’ Octagon trip to Oxford, following in the footsteps of the Sixth Form who had gone on a similar trip the year before. We had an auspicious start to the day as the sun smiled warmly upon us as we boarded the train to Oxford for the second time that term. The Year 10s were buzzing in expectation of a fact-filled foray into the world of academia.

We began by making our way up to Brasenose College, a little walk from the train station we discovered. After arriving we met our tour guide, Joe Organ, and he took us first into the dining hall where the students eat their dinner every day, serving food which in the deprived eyes of the pupils of KHS sparkled with munificence. The room was filled with long oak tables, and the walls were emblazoned with illustrious alumni such as Field Marshall Haig of the Second World War. He then took us to where the students hang out in their spare time or to party in the evenings. Whilst impressive, we were more interested in what it is like to actually study at an Oxford college (we are Octagon students after all) and were treated to a visit to the sumptuous library. This was something to behold and the Year 10s were amazed at what a brilliant working environment Oxford must be, especially after learning that every Oxford college has its own equivalent library.

Brasenose College Oxford
We were finally taken on a tour of the chapel before we were treated to a talk on the university application process and procedures, with some very useful tips. The process appeared to be complicated, but perhaps easier than first anticipated once the explanation was complete and the information assimilated. We sat the typical thinking-skills assessment that every Oxbridge applicant had to sit. After a brief talk on why university is necessary we met one of the students (Beth) who lives and studies at Brasenose every day; she took us around the campus of Brasenose and she answered all of our questions about living and working at university.

The historic Bodlian LibraryThis brought our day at Brasenose to a close and we were all suitably mentally exhausted. After finding some things to eat in the local covered market we made our way to the second college that we were to tour that day, Trinity, one of the largest colleges in Oxford. The vastness of this second college formed a huge comparison with the first, which was a smaller, more homely environment. The food at Trinity is famously some of the best food in Oxford, and everyone in Oxford agreed, it did smell delicious. We were given a further tour of the campus and were shown the incredible living conditions that each of the students had.

We concluded our day by meeting two Maths students at the College, who both appeared rather normal, contrary general opinion of Oxbridge Maths students (no offence Mr Beasant!). We then returned to the train station and retired, thoroughly pleased with the insightful information we had been given.

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