Julie Arliss and Dr. Peter Vardy Lectures

Gifted and Talented


The Octagon Academic Society members of years 10 and 11 were invited to a series of lectures and a debates hosted by Julie Arliss and Dr. Peter Vardy on a Gifted and Talented Study Day in Oxford Town Hall. To begin with, Dr. Peter Vardy delivered a presentation on the Nature and Reality of Mathematics.


Arliss_Vardy_Lectures_1Having already held discussions back at school regarding mathematics being included in anything and everything to do with the universe, the lecture started off as a recap of what we had been discussing in our Octagon Academic lessons. It then moved into a much deeper level of understanding looking at the Fibonacci Sequence and then expanded our knowledge of the nature and reality of mathematics.

We found such examples as Phi to be eternally interesting as its applications and the places it is found is infinite. Along with Phi, Dr. Vardy was extremely superior at putting forth a series of topics that to this day, keep us sitting on the edge of our seats in curiosity for the subject.

A lecture on the Ethics of Business took centre-stage straight after the break. It revolved around the ideas of corporate social responsibility and the philosophy of business.

Julia Arliss presented a well thought out and virtually flawless lecture that really delved into the depths of what it is to be a business and what they need to adhere to in terms of their global moral responsibility.

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