Octagon Council 2011

Octagon_Council_1The Octagon council is made up of eight student members who serve the school’s academic community and the needs of the society by advising on the content of lessons and the extra-curricular events that are planned. They work very hard! When on the Octagon Council they learn skills such as board management, planning, event management, journalism and PR.

Philipa Lane steps down as President this year and Katy Howell also steps down as Event Manager.

At our recent Annual Octagon Dinner both Philipa and Katy were thanked and awarded book tokens to spend in Blackwell books in Oxford. Philipa has given superb leadership to Octagon and must be credited for a huge amount of its success. She has led by example, constantly working behind the scenes to advise on the content of Octagon and on evening lectures and trips. Katy has remained highly enthusiastic all year and was always infectiously happy as she helped manage all of the events that we have held at KHS. This takes a huge amount of work behind the scenes and she too is one of the main reasons that Octagon has been such an outstanding success.

Josh Baxter and Ellie Copsey were also thanked for their service on the council as they step down from their one year posts as reps.


The Octagon Council this year is as follows:

President – (L6th) Jan Sindhar

Vice President (Y11) – Georgina Mockford

Events manager (L6th) – Kara Gooding

Octagon Reporter – (Y10) Bryony Parkinson

U6th rep – (U6th) Katy Howell

Senior rep – (U6th) Philipa Lane

Intermediate rep (Y9) – Charlotte Heath

Junior rep (Y8) – Ben Stannard

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