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Mrs Theresa Hay

House Matron
Norwhich and Plymouth

1972 to 1978

Theresa came to The Hill in 1972 when appointed as house matron to the original Norwich House. After about a year she was appointed matron to the schools junior boys house the original Plymouth. At that time Teddie Cooper was still the Warden (Headmaster) and Mr. & Mrs. James Woolliams were house parents of Plymouth house.

Mrs Therea HayDuring her time at Kingham it was realised that Theresa was a languages teacher who spoke fluently eight languages. She was asked if she could help a pupil who was studying for his A-levels in Spanish ? Theresa gave him private tuition, he went on to achieve an S-level in the subject. Theresa also taught a German class and helped several boys in their French and English language studies. It was a round 1978 that Mrs Hay left Kingham Hill to take up a post at Eton College in Windsor.

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