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Clyde Is Back 2Clyde House

From September 2014 we will be welcoming back a familiar name to the Hill. Clyde House will return to the Hill following an absence of a number of years. Clyde is now our Junior Boys' Day House for boys aged between 11 and 14.

KHSD pic 1On Sunday 9th September we opened our third girls' boarding house. With more pupils at Kingham Hill at the start of this school year than at the end of the last, and with the percentage of girls at the school now 40%, more beds needed to be found.


Breaking ground photo Jan 2014 Construction has begun on a new £4m mathematics and science building at Kingham Hill School.

Music on the Hill thmbMusic on the Hill is delighted to welcome the CNS Allstars to perform in the Chapel at Kingham Hill School on Saturday 9 November 2013 at 7:30pm as part of its autumn series of concerts. The jazz band was formed in 2007 by a former KHS pupil and the school's first organ scholar, Alex Chalstrey, who will be returning to KHS to perform.

The CNS Allstars are a locally based band who enjoy playing a unique blend of swing, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll, with tunes ranging from those of Nat King Cole and Dean Martin to Paolo Nutini and Mark Ronson.

RAF Wattisham 1970s smallFor anyone not enrolled in the KHS CCF (RAF) Section in the 1970's, this heading will appear somewhat odd. For those who were cadets at the time, the memories (and possibly the sick bags) will now be flooding back.

RAF Little Rissington was only 10 miles from school. It was until 1977, the RAF's Central Flying School and home to the Red Arrows. As RAF cadet's, we were very fortunate to fly 2-seater, single-engine trainer planes called Chipmunks at least once a term on CCF 'Field Days'.


Allan George Downes, 1947 and now far beyond


Being a spare boy from birth (from where I came from there was a surplus of spare boys per square foot of London but I seemed to be sparer than most which not being liked by anyone and my uncles and aunts in particular, probably had a lot to do with it if not everything) I hit Plymouth house in around late 47 loaded with attitude and a fine selection of blossoming zits and several luminous boils, intending to change the current rules and Pecker Brownhills strap in particular for something more appropriate to a spare boy of note - like an extra iced bun at teatime for example but an ambition that only ended in a confrontation with Miss Brownhill's nose, her strap in particular, and a sore backside or two before bedtime!

Previous to my arrival, I was the star inmate of many a boys home and as obnoxious as was required which meant obnoxious enough to undergo several memorable slipperings of note which turned me into some kind of hero but also got me packed off, cardboard box and conkers, frogs snakes and slugs, onto the nearest form of transport, anything that could move me from A to B without too many people noticing that it was and heading for another county, any county, another home, any home.


School Prefects 1961

Timothy K.W. Hart,
(Standing back row central)
Sheffield House

1956 - 1962


After a full year of construction delighted pupils are now receiving Mathematics and Science classes in a brand new, state-of-the-art building. Opening celebrations involving parents, VIPs, alumni and friends of the school left everyone wide-eyed and smiling. It was a true pleasure to welcome back Hillians from throughout the years who came together to share in this momentous occasion in Kingham Hill history.

Picture 8 small

Veritas Building tnAfter a year of construction and many more of planning, the first major step for Kingham Hill's 2020 Vision has been completed with the opening of The Veritas Building.

Our architect, Mark Foley, has worked hard to develop a scheme that preserves the coherence of the School's architectural and aesthetic appeal. The exterior of this building has been sensitively finished with a combination of Cotswold stone and timber, enabling it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. The design of the building echoes the features of other properties on the site, uniting the different architectural styles to create a cohesive scheme across the estate. 

Kingham Hill School has been awarded a tree pack which The Woodland Trust has sent out commemorate the beginning of WW1.

We will receive a pack of 420 tree saplings about 20cm high. The plan is to plant these as a hedgerow along the School's new boundary (the field between Plymouth and the Headmaster's house) Once the hedge grows this boundary can be opened as a lane for walking/running/mountain biking etc.

Each boarding house will be planting trees this Remembrance Sunday as a living memorial to the Old Boys who died in the War. We would like to extend this invitation for Hillians to attend and plant a tree in remembrance. This will be taking place at 2pm on Sunday 9 November based at the Headmaster's house. Please do come along with wellies and a spade!

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