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Welcome Back!

Clyde Is Back 2Clyde House

From September 2014 we will be welcoming back a familiar name to the Hill. Clyde House will return to the Hill following an absence of a number of years. Clyde is now our Junior Boys' Day House for boys aged between 11 and 14.

Annual Report to the KHA AGM 2012

1st of June 2011 to 23st June 2012

Kingham Hill School Days (KHSD) is the KHS alumni website run by an independent team made up of individuals who were at KHS, all with varied skills who organise multiple types of material to be published online as well as reunions and other events.

The 124th AGM of Ex-pupils organisations of KHS originated by the Founder's brother.

23 June 2012. Venue: KHS lecture Theatre.

Committee members present:

Nick Seward (Headmaster, invited), Kenny Winfield (Events), Leo Smith, Brian Dean, Mike Kent (Treasurer), Eddie White, John Hughes, Mike Tadman, Iain Helstrip (Secretary), Simon Briggs (Memorabilia), Simon Howlett (KHSD, Chair stand in).

Minutes of KHA committee meeting

17 March 2012 Venue KHA centre – KHS

Those present:-

Nick Seward (part time), Jon Montgomerie, Leo Smith, Brian Dean, Simon Briggs, Mike Kent, John Hughes, Bryan Shaw, Mike Tadman, Simon Howlett, Iain Helstrip.

Apologies for absence:- Eddie White, Kenny Wingfield, & R. Hughes

Circulation: Those above and Keith Target & Jo Cavan.

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The KHSD Management Team

Simon Howlett (web guru)
John Timmins (chief editor)
Frank Foster (accounts)

1954 - 2010


  • To maintain the brotherhood of former pupils.
  • To perpetuate the memory of the founder of Kingham Hill School: Charles Edward Baring Young.
  • To perpetuate the memory of those former members of staff who did so much to create the "spirit of the hill".
  • To enable former pupils and others to view our history archive first hand.
  • To encourage former pupils to contribute to the website themselves
  • To assist former pupils to maintain contact with other members.
  • To promote re-unions both on and off "the hill".
1959 - 2010


1961 - 2010




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