It was never truly established where my mum came from. It was widely rumoured that it was either Maltby in the North or Wapping in the South and the uncertainty of two different accents, and whatever the situation prompted, only helped to make speculation pointless if not entirely impossible.


The Centenary Trust Fund (CTF) is the charitable fund the Kingham Hill Association (KHA) manage. The KHA was started by the Founder's brother when the school was 1 year old.

CTF funds are used to help pupils who have both a financial and boarding need and who would benefit by coming to Kingham Hill School, but without our funding be unable to do so. CTF funds are nearly all made up of donations from ex Pupils of Kingham Hill received in 1 off bequests or in regular smaller amounts by Standing Order. Monies received by the CTF are used to continue the mission of the Founder Baring Young.

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