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Welcome Back!

Clyde Is Back 2Clyde House

From September 2014 we will be welcoming back a familiar name to the Hill. Clyde House will return to the Hill following an absence of a number of years. Clyde is now our Junior Boys' Day House for boys aged between 11 and 14.

Stethoscope thbOur second careers spotlight dinner this year will take place on Friday 31 January at 7:00pm at KHS. The focus of this dinner is healthcare, so if you work in this industry and would like to share your experiences with current KHS pupils, please do get in touch by contacting Harriet Dearden in the Development Office.  

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Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

Subject to ratification



At 9:45am on Saturday 21 March, a small group of Hillians gathered at Daylesford Churchyard to lay a wreath at the Founder’s resting place, giving thanks in prayer.


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Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

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Minutes of the meeting of the Kingham Hillians’ Committee held on Saturday 24January 2015 in the Veritas Building seminar room.


Present: Harriet Dearden (Chairman), Simon Briggs, Brian Dean, John Hughes, Mike Kent, Jennifer Robinson (acting Development Officer), Ken Wingfield, Nick Seward (Headmaster), Malcolm Brecht, Mark Foley, Jan Sindhar.

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Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden


Subject to ratification

Minutes of the meeting of the Kingham Hillians' Committee held on Saturday 27 September 2014 in the Archive Room.

Before the meeting started, Harriet introduced Jennifer Robinson (Jenna) who is dealing with the work in the Development Office whilst Harriet is on maternity leave, from October 2014 until June 2015. Chris Aston, newly appointed Housemaster of Norwich, stopped by before the meeting to introduce himself to the committee. He will be in charge of co-ordinating the Rugby fitness and liaising with the Wasps R.F.C. who are helping with coaching this season. Chris spoke to the Committee and stated he had been given a warm welcome into the school and looked forward to building up the Rugby team's confidence in the coming season with some hard fixtures ahead.

Following the resignation of Simon Howlett as Chairman of the Kingham Hill Association on 1 December 2013, a representation from the committee met with the Headmaster and Development Officer on 16 January to discuss the future of the KHA and its Centenary Trust Fund.

As stated at the AGM on 18 May 2013, the KHA accepts that the school has decided to take total responsibility for alumni relations and communications. Furthermore, the committee has recently considered that it would not be appropriate to continue to seek donations in competition with KHS for bursaries. It was therefore proposed that further invitations for donations to the CTF would cease. Awards for bursaries from the fund would continue to be made until the fund was exhausted. If donations continued to arrive, these would be accepted.

Suffolk lunch June smlOn Sunday 2nd June, a group of KHS Old Boys who live in the East Anglia region met for a lunch reunion at the White Horse Inn in Whepstead. It was a wonderful opportunity for members of the Kingham Hill community to come together, renew acquaintes and form new friendships over a pint of Suffolk ale and some excellent food.

PICTURES NOW IN THE PHOTO ARCHIVE - with names and numbers!

Employment Sector

To view a profile and ask a question please click on a name. To view all profiles click here


Mr Iain Helstrip MIPA, MInstM, CAM Dip.

Agricultural / Forestry

Seed Merchant - Mr David Fanshawe - Hon Sheriff
Engineering - Mr Ken Wingfield MBE
Forest Manager - Mr Oliver Hands, BSc (Hons.)
Arboriculture - Mr Oliver Hands, BSc (Hons.)


Draughtsman - Mr Chris Prince BA (Hons)

Armed Forces

Army - Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.

Army - Captain John Cooke (Rtd)

Royal Air Force - Group Captain (Rtd) Tony Dee

Art and Design

Mr Gareth David Adeney MA
Mr Chris Prince BA (Hons) 


Mr Gareth David Adeney MA


PPL to ATPL and working on an airfield (ATS) - Mr Simon Howlett
Careers in Aviation - Group Captain (Rtd) Tony Dee

Business Management

Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM
Foreign Exchange - Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM
Knowledge Management - Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM
M&A Acquisition Activities - Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM
Ethics - Mr Michael Allen

Care Industry

Working with disabled people - Mr Ken Wingfield MBE

NHS - Captain John Cooke (Rtd)


Agricultural - Mr Ken Wingfield MBE
Electronic - Mr Mike Philip Kent
Project Design - Mr Mike Philip Kent
Nuclear - Mr Jon M Montgomerie IEng. MIET

Events Management

Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.

Government / Civil Service

Local Government - Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.
Local Authority & Civil Service - Captain John Cooke (Rtd)

Information Technology

Web Design and Development - Mr Simon Howlett
Computers, I.T. Recruitment, Anything I.T.- Mr John Wheatcroft (Studying for a BSc)
iPad Application Production - Mr Brian Leckey


Motorcycle Instructor - Mr Simon Howlett

Legal Profession and the Courts

Mr David Fanshawe - Hon Sheriff


Business Development Sales - Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM

Not for Profit Organisations

Group Captain (Rtd) Tony Dee

Police / Prison / Probation Services

Police Officer - Mr Colin Cumings
Prison Officer - Mr Ken Wingfield MBE
Probation Officer - Captain John Cooke (Rtd)

Purchasing, Procurment and Sourcing 

Mr Michael Allen

Security and Investigations

Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.

Starting and running your own business

Mr Simon Howlett
Mr John Wheatcroft (Studying for a BSc)
Mr Lloyd Silverthorne BA Mibs

Teaching and Lecturing

Mr Gareth David Adeney MA
Mr John D. Timmins PGCE Cert. Ed.
Mr Chris Prince BA (Hons)

Television / Radio / Film

Producer - Mr Brian Leckey

Other Areas

Help with your C.V. and Interview Techniques, Careers Advice

Mr Simon Howlett

Mr Ken Wingfield MBE

Group Captain (Rtd) Tony Dee

Mr Chris Prince BA (Hons)

Mr Mike Philip Kent

Mr Jon M Montgomerie IEng. MIET

Living and working abroad / Working while traveling

Mr Gareth David Adeney MA

Mr Albert Blackburn (BA Hons), CIM

Mr Oliver Hands, BSc (Hons.)

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