This was a few planks of wood nailed to a tree 30ft up and just perfect for the first time buyer and all I had to do now was to find one and with 180 gullible prospective buyers to choose from my first sale in real estate should be a doddle - all I had to do was find the least informed with the most dosh/sweets/frogs/undefeated conkers, whatever.

Now the problem with treehouses was that they were strictly fordidden and a goodly six of the best was waiting for any boy even seen walking into a wood with a plank of wood and a bag of nails so any such properpy needed to be well and truly secluded - so secluded in fact, that even I couldn't find it after I'd built it !

Never mind the snakes Frothers old boy, it's in here somewhere, just keep lookin' up for your future recluse not down here where death lurks beneath every footstep.

"But what if I get caught reclusin' in it den ay, den what?

Look old boy, if I can't find it, and I built it, then nobody else can iether. Keep lookin'

So eventually there it was, in another wood all together a shambles in wood worm and rusty nails but a tree house nevertheless.

And so the deal was clinched, there and then as Frothers parted with all his worldly goods climbed the tree, stepped onto the first board, fell out of the tree and broke a leg !

Now this inconvenience put me right on the spot. Go and get adult type help, then face six of the best for building a forbiden treehouse in the spinney behind the padre's house or - leave Frothers to die which, and as any 1940's KH schoolboy would have told you at the time that this would have been not just the best but the most obvious option as anything was far better than another goodly six from Woollan - or any one for that matter who was up to speed with his no treehouse rules.

Now Frothers might have been some kind of idiot but he wasn't a magger (grass for the uninformed ) so with my support and a stout stathe we hobbled out of the woods were the broken leg and its sorry looking attatchment were then carried over to the San by one of the housemasters who just happened to know all about the treehouse and now believed that not only was Frothers the owner but also the builder - Yay ! my hide was saved !

So I expect you'll want to know the outcome y'all?

Well, Frothers hobbled about on crutches for six weeks after which he hobbled about fot a further week as a result of an extremely painful six of the best with enough after burn to launch a moon shot for not only being the owner of a most forbidden treehouse, but also the most forbidden builder of said real estate! ( minus of course a whole months sweet ration, a remarkably healthy frog rescued from the bio-lab and a formidable collection of well baked champion conkers )

Dizzy D

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