Just been reading the minutes from the Kingham Hillian's Committee meeting - mention of girl attendance one day hopefully matching that of the boys when in my day the only girls you ever saw were down in the village behind the Butchers and all swearing that one day they would all marry me, or somebody like me and, in an emergency,anyon e that even looked like me but only from a distance.

I was also pleased to note that my old school head boy - Eddie White and a gentleman of the old order - was also present and even the Headmaster attended showing great enthusiasm whereas my old Headmaster had his work cut out just trying to keep me within the school bounderies after midnight and even ate the same fodder that Dixie Dean force fed us with three times a day by funnel if necessary and even when not.

And,even a school plaque I would have you know ! AND,hewn out of solid marble by jove when all we had was bit of plywood nailed to a tree by the Wardens gate saying "Skool. Beware of free range housemasters,lo ose Wardens and grey boys"

Then there was talk about refurbishing the grave stones down in the Village when all we got was a few words that had something to do with ash and dust then thrown into a lime pit with the odd mention of your passing to your mother or, if not, the nearest interested party of which there weren't many as most were far too preoccupied colonising Australia much against their will if not the British Government's.

And of course, but suprisingly not mentioned - the lack of long trousers all round and the plentiful supply of patched up short ones instead where one size fitted all - even Eddie White !

But hey, this is the 21st century and Kingham hill is well and truly up there with it.

So, long may it flourish and long may it prosper as the greatest school ever - then, now and always.

Dizzy D

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