Actually I've written of this before but more about the physical end result than the verbal exchanges that preceded it between JW and myself the very next morning after being hauled back bedraggled, footsore and wondering where the hell I was from no where near Leefield Poles - my intended midnight destination - where you might have said that I ended up nearer Bankok than I ever did Leefield Poles

So, there I was once again, fed watered and rested with Matron's go ahead for whatever fate awaited me which included everything bar beheading - even at KH that was considered far too messy - or too much trouble when hanging from the clock tower was so much more convenient and also allowing every body a far better view. "Look, up there, is that Downsie ?!" - "Dunno, the legs are about right, could be, should be, hope so "

So, once again I followed the well trodden path that led to JW's study door,the heavy old oak chair and not the hope or sight of an iced bun anywhere.
Knock, knock

Who's there's ?

Downes Sir as I poked my head cautiously around the door " I believe you want to have a chat, but if you're too busy, next month will do "
Ah yes, Leefield Poles wasn't it ? Come on in

"Right. We'll cut right to the chase. Running off in the middle of the night. Your housemaster Mr Phelps and Mrs Phelps looking everywhere for you.Then myself. Then waking up the local Constabulary. Well I would say six of the best, wouldn't you ?

Hmm"" I hmmed stalling for time in a last minute hope for a sudden and spectacular diversion like the science lab exploding and taking Woollan's cane cupboard with it."

Six you say. Bit harsh wouldn't you say, maybe four at a push considering that I ended up nowhere near Leafield Poles because of a flat torch battery But changed my mind at the last moment with just a plain old fashioned "Eh" that was rapidly proceeded with a plain old fashioned six of the best..
Well it was laid on with a will and most certainly hard enough to leave my backside trooping the school colours for at least a week but not hard enough for a future cancellation.

Oxford or bust with a couple of others and, yes you guessed it, another confrontation, another unhappy JW and another six.
So, at last. My final caning, my final confrontation, but there were times, believe me when I came so close to another major dose that even the thought of it alone had me shaking in my shoes - even when I wasn't wearing any !

Dizzy D

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