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James Woollan. Fourth Discussion.

This meeting was no doubt intended for my own welfare though it had my bones rattling from classroom to study when I was told by the form master "Downes, when this lesson's finished you are to report to the Wardens study "

What for Sir I squeaked in terror but not entirely by supprise as I reached for a dozen sheets of blotting paper.

No idea,but if it's for what I think it's for, you're going to need more sheets of blotting paper than that - just don't be late

So,as the dreaded bell rang signalling the end of the lesson and the beginning of my long slow walk to my fate, Woollans study, the dreaded instruction " Pull out the chair" and whatever followed I finally reached my destination, stomach churning, knees knocking, teeth rattling as I knocked on the door.
Come in! Invited a voice laden with authority and obvious ill intent "

Now Downes, time we had a talk, pull that chair over and sit down - bulls eye or barley sugar ? In a tone that I instantly recognised as the same tone that the Germans had perfected when grilling downed bomber pilots and probably their wives after a girlie night out on the schnapps.

It appears he thoughtfully continued as he looked down at some kind of records book" That since you've been with us at the Top School you've spent more time over that chair than sitting in it, so why do you think that is ?"

Dunno Sir, but let's face it, it was more your idea than it was mine I thought as I searched for the kind of answer that would earn a couple more of those barley twists and not six of the best and something that I had yet to experience.

Settling in maybe Sir ? I replied as gingerly as I could at the same time as I made a quick glance around the room for either an open window, loose floor board or a back way outta that place.

Well enlightened my German interrogator look-a-like " Most boys would have settled in long ago and especially after a caning but you've had several and no doubt they won't be your last if your behavour doesn't improve and " he started to add in dangerous undertones " You will be up for six of the best and I can promise you that it won't be pleasant so, let's see an improvement in your behaviour and future attitude. That will be all, six the next time remember,so it's all up to you "

Well now I thought as I was brought back to the school after an unauthorized excursion to Leefield Poles a few months later in the middle of the night whilst the rest of the school slept and dreamt of iced buns and long trousers " How right you were Sir, six just like you said and yep, you were right again, it hurt like bloody hell !"

Dizzy D

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