Well as far as uniforms went, it wasn't and what it was instead was something akin to a horse blanket with two tubes of unknown circumference sewn onto two opposite edges and, as often as not, sewn together on the same edge where the wearer had to hop to and fro from house to school,from school to dining hall, from dining hall back to house and were the only relief from his woven imprisonment would come at bedtime when four boys and a rope would hoist him out of them and the same team,same rope, would then lower him back into them first thing in the morning for which they were paid in extra buns at suppertime for doing so and with the best will in the world you couldn't pin them down to any definite item of attire or, come to that, a definite item of anything.

They were made in the tailors shop above the admin block where the tailor, who I always suspected was a Russian spy (though he was adamant that he was a Tibetan organ grinder looking for a more challenging career move and he certainly chose the right place - and the right job.) who sent a detailed portfolio of every boy to Stalin who then passed them on to a KGB agent in Siberia for future referrence and mine in particular.

But, this was only the bottom half and worse was to come by the way of the top half where if it fitted - which it never did and I doubt was ever meant to - you sloped about really thinking you looked the business in some kind of corduroy jacket which for all the tailors best efforts, design and Bottomless supply of Vodka, it looked like boiler lagging with sleeves and of unequal length and unusual design where one hung in brown corduroy whilst the other hung in black but with the inside lining on the outside.

Moving now to the lower limbs, and limbs a stranger to the least form of excertion, tenders were put out to every hosiery manufacturer in the country in an effort to hide them from the public view and the housemasters wives in particular, where mysteriousy a wind sock manufacturer landed the contract and about the same time as the Warden took his new Bentley for a spin in his new plus fours and tartan wind socks.

Now this left the complimentary foot wear and since this piece is limmited to 3,000 words, it would need another 3,000 to even start to describe the logic and industrial spec behind a pair of KH boys shoes in 1945 but a hob nailed skate board might give you some idea in an emergency !

Dizzy D

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