Once a year the headmaster welcomed a fresh faced contingent of student teachers keen to learn our ways whilst the boys welcomed them in turn keen to relieve them of their fags, or the contents of their wallet in the event that they didn't have any-my teach even came loaded with a pot of jam and a bag of sherbert in exchange for the lowdown on boarding school life, what was the Strumpet club and and how do you become a member.

These students were thrown amongst us like sheep amongst lions where the idea was to learn how to understand the way a spare boy's mind worked-which for most of the time it just didn't unless there was a few greenbacks in the offing-and his needs in general which were suprisingly simple and could be sated with a swift fag and one behind the ear for later.

The student teach allocated to our House for the week was, well after the week was up anyway,was a real OK guy who went home penniless and a chain smoker of note.He also learnt how to crawl through an open toplight at the back of the kitchens and load yourself down with jam and doughnuts then flog them for a proffit with which to buy proper jam and edible doughnuts from the village shop-some of the 6th formers even convinced one green behind the ears teach that he was allowed to drive them into Chippie for a swift pie and a pint whenever he felt like it or more to the point when they felt like it which was all the time and he saw more of the inside of the Red Lion in Chippie High Street than he ever did the inside of the Top School at KH or the inside of anywhere else for that matter.

However,when asked by the headmaster what he thoughT of the school and more importantly the boys who thought they owned it, he unwittingly remarked that whilst the Red Lion served a good pint, the boys could knock it back like a sailor which earnt each and every one of them a swift six whilst he was reinbursed by the burser and told that teaching wasn't for him but he'd stand a better chance of blasting his way into Fort Knox as he certainly appeared fully qualified from his first week and all thanks to the 6th form inparticular.

Anyway, there were at least a dozen that I knew and though briefly, all are now living in Brazil, the more prolific somewhere way up the Amazon,and each in his own castle as they learnt in one week at KH that there was more money in blasting holes in bank vaults and holding up payrolls than there ever was in teaching!

Dizzy D

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