With the Stowe branch well out of action, well until the Stowe fag shop found different and more understanding owners who also understood that if a boy was to survive boarding school, and especially its packed lunches overwhelmed with every species of wild life known to science, and even many more that weren't, and a firm but sympathetic understanding of KH standard yet totaly ambitious school issue trousers that were still undergoing serious investigations by the F.B.I and a leading senior member of the local constabulory - that a boy needed his daily intake of tar and doughnuts.

So, the all new Strumpet club was ceremoniously opened on the banks of the mighty Sarsden Brook where for a girl to become a member she had to clear it at its widest point -the mill pond - in one leap with no run up unless she was built like Nurse Brigitte from up at the San then she could start her run up from anywhere she liked, from the next county if need be, and even further if deemed necessary while all a potential boy member had to do was wade accross smoking a Wills extra length with no life belt and whistling Dixie.

But, and as simple as this may sound, quite often a potential Strumpet would be seen floundering helplessly after dropping short of the far bank by half its width and in consequence and of no noticeable interest to anyone, she would be was washed away downstreen only to be found a week or so later washed up in Chipping Norton selling drift wood in order to survive or, and as any fully advanced KH school boy would hope for, washed far out to see Sea - it wasn't that we were callous in any way you understand, just adventuress and especially if it involved a Strumpet with rubbish jumping ability - and a schoolboy's mentality

Generall speaking, or from a distance any way, the Sarsden Halt Strumpet club was a great success with four nearly drowns, three as close as made no difference and one who was never seen again seen since her first day and after a five minute search - though it could have been less and no doubt due to a seriously short attention span bestowed upon a boy from the first day he entered Plym House and came face to face with a plate of boiled haddock and Pecker Brownhill's nose but not necessaraly in that order and so it was entered into the registar as 'Missing in Action' though there was quite some controversey for years after as to what kind of action this referred to.

The Sarsden Halt Strumpet Club still flourishes even to this day and some of its original members can still clear the brook in one arthritic leap even at 80 plus years of age, and me?

Don't be daft, I didn't have to leap across anything, I was, after all, its founding member!

And still am.

Dizzy D

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