Bridgitt was one of the schools nurses and had a small apartment annexed to the San - she was Irish, quite young and every boys favourite - if you had problems, like a poorly frog with a sudden limp for example or even a frog without a sudden limp and one that didn't respong to large helpings of Dixie Deans bread putting when dropped into your jacket pocket on the grounds that no one else would have iether - Bridgitte was the one you poured it all out to.Snapped catapaults through to a pending visit to the headmasters study for all the wrong reasons, Bridgitte eased your mind, soothed your anxieties and made everything seem right with the World, but only if you wore two pairs of extra underpants and swallowed an aspirin, before, during, and most certainly after "Ye can have this bottle cheap - two bob and cheap at half the price bejasus !

Bridgitte also proved the perfect alibi if you were late back to your house after the 8 o clock summertime curfew - "Where have you been boy, it's almost suppertime?! would boom a voice attatched to a hidden prefect, a skulking housemaster maybe, and considering Britain and Russias relationship at the time, then quite possibly a spy.

Having tea with Bridgitte would be the answer acompanied by an appropriate and smarmy smirk.

Ah, that's different then, go and get your supper as a potential caning was shelved for another day.

But for this to work you had to know the San holiday roster off by heart and two boys from Bradford obviously weren't quite up to spead with it when grilled by the headmaster after assembly one morning - "So, you were both late back to Bradford because you were having tea with Brigitte, yes ?"

That's right Sir, jelly and bacon sandwiches, she is after all Irish - sir ! snigger, guffaw and chuckle.

Yes, of course, and right now she's back in Ireland on holiday, so how was your journey - boys ?

Er, well eh, well urm.... as they were cut short in their intelligent and well rehearsed reply.

Well boys who's to be first

First for what Sir ? as four darting eyes scanned the study for a possible spare iced bun or two.

First to bend over the chair for a Bridgitte approved six of the best each, what else did you think I meant and I'm sorry to disappoint you both but there will be no jelly and bacon rolls this time boys but you can be sure I'll more than make up for the deficientcy in other ways so, who's going to oblige me first?!!

Him Sir!!! came the reply in perfect harmony as each in turn took a stinging six of JW's very best to the acompaniment of several 'Eh's', a few well pitched 'Arghs' several impressionable yelps and all in a good cause in the name of God, the King, the Country, Ireland, and Bridgitte imparticular !

And a lurking Russian Spy...

Dizzy D

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