Every boy on The Hill clamed to have seen the Chas House headless ghost before midnight after which it retired to where ever it is that ghosts retire to for the night, but a ghost that didn't even exist let alone one that showed itself, or at least what was left of it, to any passing non member of the dead or passing anything for that matter- such a ghost,had it existed at all, and of such calibre to boot, would have had better targets to spook other than the odd spare boy trying to prize open the tradesmen's entrance back door of Chas House with a swiss pen knife recently aquired for the job by a swift trade involving a champion conker, a meat skewer for boring holes in conkers in general and holes in nothing in particular but holes anyway, and possibly a frog, thrown in for good measure and in desperation to close a proffitable deal before midnight.

However, two certain lads from our House were convinced that indeed there most definately was a ghost and a ghost with no head nonetheless, that roamed the dingy passage ways of Chas House desperately seeking attention ( and, no doubt, whoever it was that had parted it from his head the thoughtless swine ! ) and after exchanging all their earthly possesions (but not including their sunday trousers) for a tyre iron that I had confiscated from the tool pouch of Mrs Phelp's bike with which to make force entry and be the first ever to actually confront the Chas House spectre and more or less make friends with it and make enquiries as to the welfare of General George Armstrong Custer in particular after having seen him in action at the Chippy Flee Pit in between hauntings and if he was doing well and pass on their best wishes - so one sunday evening, off they headed- excited, stupid, gullible and in possesion of a nicked tyre iron that alone could have earnt each a resounding beating from Mr Phelps but there of course was no need. The tyre iron snapped in the door jamb, the caretaker heard it and saw it, the two boys were frog marched all the way back to the school and the Warden in particular where upon the caretaker was duly awarded two digestives and a cup of tea then sent on his way as the two ghost hunters extraodinaire were soundly thrashed to the tune of six of the utmost stinging best apiece as an unhappy ghost wandered the halls of Chastelton House in search of it's head and the swine that had departed it from him !

But, on a dark and stormy night....

Dizzy D

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