Well that of course is something now that a schoolboy will never know, and I suspect, that there's only a very few of us left that do!

In my time at KH - and bear in mind that this was way back in the 40's when school corporal punishment was a force to be reckoned with where six of the best was the ultimate deterrent - I,and apart from a few 'complimentary minor canings of little significance and hero status,took two intensley stinging doses of six both of which were my own doing and more than well deserved.

The worst part some used to say was the waiting outside the study, other's would say trying to take it in silence, whilst other's dreaded returning to their class rooms in tears and obvious distress.

Now you have to remember this was a lifetime ago when most things are just a ever fading memory lingering somewhere at the back of your mind - but not six of the best!

Skipping all the ritual and formalities such as adopting the right position over the back of the chair as you were instructed to grab the bottom rai, keep your legs straight and head down, the first thing you noticed was a presence to your left, then the feel of the cane being lined up right across the middle of where it was about to do most good, then a brief moment, another line up tap or two, then the air parted in an almighty swish followed by a sharp crack, then for a split second, nothing, then suddenly as the brain registered, a world of acute pain as the sting drew involountary tears and your whole body jolted upwards and then as if on auto pilot, you bent back down again - then the second stroke - swish, another explosion of pain as you bolted upright and wanting so much to grasp your bottom but there was four more to come before you could,then the third did what the previous two failed to do - to make you cry out, not loudly, just a sharp yelp and then came the fourth, the point at which you really do start to feel a caning - but with only two strokes to go, you grit your teeth, bite into your bottom lip as your knuckles turn white grasping the chair then - swish, and pain like you would never have thought possible then as you settle back, tears flowing, you once again feel the line up taps somewhere below center, a pause as youir face contorts and your whole body locks up then - swish, crack, as your legs give way to the multyplying pain but it's all over and what seemed like an eternity probably only took 40 seconds to a minute at most.

But it was a minute at most that you would never forget. And most didn't

Dizzy D

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  • chikki - Tuesday, 12 September 2017

    Their were two styles of caning. Those done by the two deputies and the one done by the head. As a rule from the deputy it was 3 or 4 strokes across your trousers and pants. It was whacked hard across your bottom with no regard for your age. Regardless of your age you went over the back of a chair and they caned your bottom. At times, it was felt it was needed to make it hurt more. It was trousers down and your bottom was caned with just thin pants to protect it from the cane. THE deputies were not allowed to make a boy take his pants off and do t bare, but at times both deputies use to pull your pants right up when you were bending over resulting in the area of your bottom that was going to be caned being bare. they use to really whack the bare bottom, but officially as you had not actually taken your pants off or pulled them down it was recorded as being on pants. The worse vaning was from the head. A trip to his office always meant six of the cane on your bottom. It was a thicker cane than the deputies used and left your bottom sore and tender for at least three days. He really whacked it across your protruding bottom as you reached over the chair. Not only was it six strokes with a thicker cane, applied harder than by the deputies but the ordeal and pain was made worse by having to remove your blazer. Then you had to pull your trousers and pants down before going over the chair. Your shirt was pulled up and your bottom left comletely bare as it was caned hard. Any caning from the head was always six strokes and always on the bare bottom..Dont get me wrong. It was always deserved but neither the head nor the two deputies held back when caning your bottom and was always to the rules. Getting the cane made boys behave. The worse thing was being told you had to report to the deputies or head at the end of the day. It was dreadful waiting for the end of the day knowing that your bottom would be caned and that once told to report their was no reprieve. You were certain to get it. The visit to the head was a certain six on your bare bottom. Having to see the deputy left yoy wondering all day if you were going to get 3 or 4 strokes but the big question was if it was going to be done on your trousers or if they would have to come down and have it across thin pants which hurt a lot more, and was done just as hard as if you had trousers on. The worse thought was the chance that not only may be you had to drop ypur trosers but your pants might be pulled up to expose the bare flesh on your bottom and it would be caned as hard as if you had trousers on. For those that say it did not hurt much more bare than on pants clearly have not felt it on both pants and bare. In many cases it was better to be told you had to go to the head, as you knew it was six on the bare bottom but with the eputies you worried all day what you were going to get. Sure, the heads caning was far more painful but in many aspects it was better to know what you were going to get rsther than left wondering what you will get.

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